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One Pocket: A Game of Controlled Aggression

A new One Pocket book by Tom Wirth

Many of you may not be familiar with the name Tom Wirth, because he is one of those players that was not necessarily looking for the limelight even though he was a very good player, good enough to win one of the few major One Pocket tournaments he entered, Strawberry's World Tournament back in 1993.

Those of you that know Tom already know he is good at putting our complex game into understandable words, and that is exactly what this book is all about. Tom starts with overviews of the general principles of One Pocket, in particular the integration of offense and defense, and then goes on to illustrate and illuminate these principles.

One Pocket: A Game of Controlled Aggression is organized into basically three parts -- the early game, middle game and end game. It is very well illustrated with color photographs of game situations that each contain a key One Pocket move or concept. Many are shown in the "what would you do" format so you can engage your own thinking before you read what Tom has to offer. With each situation Tom walks you through his own inside scoop on the pros and cons of various shots and moves that many of us would easily overlook. Every new pages leave us with a better understanding of the game.

This book is great exercise for your One Pocket mind and is an excellent companion to the WWYD threads here in the forum.

Whether you play One Pocket mainly just for the challenge or you like to play it for cash, this book will prove to be a solid investment in your One Pocket game. At $59.95 it is available from Tom directly by emailing

Mention promo code "trw3693" and you will get a special deal of $50 and free shipping!


Tom Wirth One Pocket: A Game of Controlled Aggression

April 2016

2016 US Open One Pocket

April 18-21, 2016

Mark Griffin of Cue Sports International has announced the return of the US Open One Pocket for 2016. The host location this year will be Pool Table Magic (75 Ella Grasso Turnpike) Windsor Locks, CT. It will be limited to 48 players, with invites to former champions going out first. Based on a full field, first place will be $5,000 with $5,000 added. Entry $350 (including all registration and green fees). The format is double elimination (4 on winners; 3 on losers) with a single final race to 5.

For more information contact the host room: Mark Kulungian ( or call 860-627-8494). Immediately following the US Open One Pocket CSI and Pool Table Magic are hosting US Open Straight Pool Championship

The host room's web page:

Pool Table Magic


US Open One Pocket 2016

April 2016

1st Annual Senior One Pocket

April 15-17, 2016

Bogies Billiards in Houston TX has announced the 1st Annual Senior One Pocket Classic, which is for players 65 and older only. This is a companion tournament to the Super Senior One Pocket Classic which was held last October featuring only players 70 and older. The 2nd Annual Super Senior One Pocket Classic will return again in October 2016, exact dates still TBD. Both fields are limited to 24 players and will include a player auction. The schedule for both of these senior events is paced over three days to avoid marathon tournament days. However, the host room is open 24/7 to accommodate all the action players want.

This tournament is being live-streamed by Ray Hansen:


The host room's webpage:


Senior One Pocket Classic 2016 Bogies Billiards

January, 2016

2016 Derby City Classic

Brumback & Pagulayan unstoppable in Banks & One Pocket

John Brumback methodically worked his way through a crowded field to get back to a very familiar place for him at this year's 18th annual Derby City Classic -- the finals of the Bank Pool division. He was not to be denied this year, as he defeated young gun Jason Shaw in the finals for his third DCC Banks title.

Champion John Brumback takes aim for his third DCC Banks title

Understated Ohioan Alex Olinger finished third in his highest DCC finish, followed by Dennis Orcullo and Earl Strickland to round out the top five. This 18th year for the DCC marked a record setting field of 475 players in Banks and featured some fresh new faces coming into the final day, like Shaw, Olinger and Billy Thorpe, who finished a strong 6th.


Alex Pagulayan, back-to-back Derby City One Pocket champion

Alex Pagulayan picked up right about where he left off last year as he rolled through an impressive field of 397 players to capture his second straight Derby City One Pocket title. It seems like every year at Derby City, some straight shooting player from across the globe marches into the finals of the Banks or One Pocket, despite not having a reputation for having much experience with these two popular American games. This year it was the Netherland's Niels Feijen, who earned his way to the finals with impressive wins over several players, including perennial champion Efren Reyes, who finished in the 6th spot this year. Maybe they are studying a little more One Pocket over there than we think!

The top five were rounded out with Shannon Murphy finishing 3rd for his strongest One Pocket finish at DCC, followed by Corey Deuel and Jayson Shaw, 4th and 5th.

Alex followed his One Pocket win with a 2nd place finish in 9-Ball (which also saw a record field with 406 entries this year), which carried him to the 2016 Master of the Table title as well. With this win, Alex joins Reyes and Shane van Boening as the only players to record back-to-back One Pocket and Master of the Table titles at DCC.

Click here for a gallery of many more photos from this event

October, 2015

Super Senior One Pocket Classic

October 23-25, 2015



The Super Senior One Pocket Classic hosted by Bogie's Billiards & Sports Bar featured two One Pocket Hall of Fame inductees, as well as 16 other top "over 70" players from across the country. The matches were a race to 4 on the winner's side and race to 3 on the one loss side. John Henderson of California was the winner, wrapping up the title over James 'Sniper' Christopher of Texas. Third place went to John Smith of New Hampshire.

Bogie's management is already talking about making this an annual affair, so expect next years field to reach Bogie's 24 player limit as the word gets out!

For Mary Kenniston's first-hand report from Bogie's and more photos, click here:

2015 Super Senior One Pocket

1st: John Henderson $1680 + $1550 auction

2nd:  James Christopher $1120 + $1175 auction

3rd:  John Smith $840 + $800 auction

4th:  Buddy Hall $560 + $400 auction

5-6th:  Billy Incardona & Jeff Sparks $420

7-8th:  Byron Cook & Frank Almanza $280



June 29, 2015

'The Magician' Wins Again

Accu-Stats Make it Happen One Pocket


Arguably one of the best of all time, and not ready to cede to the next generation quite yet, Efren Reyes prevailed against a tough field of six younger stars of One Pocket in Accu-Stat's most recent Make it Happen tournament. The format was a round-robin among the six invited players (races to three), followed by a final race to three championship match between the two players with the best overall records after the round-robin play. The six players were:

Efren Reyes

Danny Smith

Shane Van Boening

Scott Frost

Justin Hall

Alex Pagulayan

Noted pool author Phil Capelle covered the complete event from start to finish, and generously shared his very thorough recaps with

Click here for Phil Capelle's complete match recaps


Efren 'Bata' Reyes & Danny Smith square off in the finals


May 1, 2015

Donny 'Cincinnati Kid' Anderson Dies

June 9, 1929- May 1, 2015


Bank Pool legend Donny Anderson died of natural causes on May 1 at the ripe old age of 85. Donny grew up in Cincinnati, and was very close to the same age as two other great players who also grew up in the same area -- Eugene 'Clem' Metz and Joey Spaeth. The three of them competed with each other and traveled together as youngsters, sharpening all of their games as they matured. Donny especially took to Bank Pool, and he made that game his championship domain for the rest of his playing career. He was elected into the Bank Pool Hall of Fame in the class of 2007 for his outstanding contribution to the legacy of the game of Bank Pool. Among his other achievements, he won the very first "World Bank Tournament" in 1972 in Springfield, Ohio. He remained very competitive in Banks up into the first years of the Derby City Classic.

Donny Anderson's Hall of Fame page


Donny Anderson at the One Pocket Hall of Fame banquet in January 2008

Click here to read our interview with Donny Anderson


January, 2015

2015 Derby City Classic

Daulton Banks out & Pagulayan runs away with the One Pocket

Shannon Daulton defeated his good friend and fellow Banks HOF player John Brumback to win his second DCC Banks title -- his first coming in 2000. Ironically, Shannon had tuned up for Derby City by visiting John and getting in some good practice on John's Diamond table prior to the tournament.

Banks champion Shannon Daulton & Marge

Efren Reyes finished 3rd in Banks. Efren has of course won everything at DCC over the years -- except the Banks. He had Daulton on the ropes in their semi-final match only to watch Shannon snatch away the win. Coincidentally, Daulton has won everything at DCC except the One Pocket.

With strong finishes in both the One Pocket and Banks divisions, Justin Hall was still in the running for the all around until he forfeited a morning match in the 9-Ball, but he made up for it but snapping off the Banks Ring Game Friday night.


Alex Pagulayan, 2015 Derby City One Pocket champion

Alex Pagulayan put on a clinic of winning One Pocket, as he cruised to his first DCC One Pocket title, closing with wins over Efren Reyes, Justin Hall and unlikely 2nd place finisher Mike Dechaine. At one point during his stretch run Alex ran eight and out (or better) five games in a row, including three straight to dispatch perennial champ Efren Reyes, followed up by two more against Justin Hall. Alex's lone loss in the One Pocket came in the 8th round at the hands of Francisco Bustamante -- who later became one of Dechaine's long string of One Pocket victims. Dechaine entered the 12th round of three remaining players as the only one with his buyback still intact, and he topped that off with snagging the bye in that round, sending him directly to the finals while Alex and Justin battled it out for the right to advance.

Although Mike is not known as a One Pocket player -- and he is the first to admit it -- he proves once again that One Pocket can be won with solid basic moves and strong fire-power, and fire-power is something Mike has in spades! But in the end, Alex's combination of moving, banking and running out was too much for Mike to overcome -- it being tough to run out when you don't get much to shoot at -- as Alex double dipped Mike for the title.

This was Alex's first DCC One Pocket title, and with this win he became the first player in the 17 year history of the Derby to win a championship in each of the three major divisions -- One Pocket, Banks and 9-Ball, and to top it off his 2nd place finish in 9-Ball gave him his first Derby City Master of the Table honor. Now, that is a Derby City grand slam!

Click here for a gallery of many more photos from this event

June, 2014

Bank on, Brother

Freddy 'The Beard' Dead at the Age of 73


Frederick Bentivegna was born November 16, 1940. He died June 18, 2014. He is survived by his daughter Catherine Bentivegna Adami and son Dino.

‘The Beard’ grew up in Chicago, where he first discovered pool as a teenager in a neighborhood bowling alley that had several well-worn pool tables. Later, he started to make trips to the downtown poolrooms that featured better players, including Bensinger's, the most storied name in Chicago poolrooms. At first repeatedly sent home broke, Freddy learned from each foray, and eventually he too developed into one of the key players that ruled the roost in the ultra-tough pool town of Chicago.

Chicago was a banker’s heaven – or hell – at that time, and that discipline in particular developed into his signature skill. After serving his country in the US Army, Freddy built a successful career as a pool hustler, with Banks as his top game. He also took his game on the road from Florida to California; sometimes in stealth, but often in an open challenge to the best the country had to offer.

After the demise of Bensinger’s, Freddy opened and ran the North Shore Billiard Club, which may have been small in terms of the number of tables, yet it was huge in the talent and action it hosted.

Freddy never claimed to be a natural talent at pool, but instead described himself as a dogged and astute student of the game, who worked hard to succeed and was not afraid to risk failure by challenging the top players of his time. He confessed to having “worshipped” the great players and hustlers of the generation before him that he learned from, such as Eddie Taylor, 'Fats', Harold Worst, Hubert Cokes, and his personal mentor, Gene Skinner. Later, as he matured into a great player and teacher in his own right, he relished the fact that he had become a member of that elite club himself. ‘The Beard’ was inducted into the One Pocket Hall of Fame for Bank Pool in January, 2006.

Freddy was a frequent and popular commentator for Accu-Stats videos for many years, especially for Banks and One Pocket. He also has authored several highly acclaimed books and DVD’s on advanced banking, Banking with the Beard, and The Gospool According to Freddy ‘The Beard’ and Banks That Don’t Go, But Do. This year he published his third book, The Encyclopedia of Pool Hustlers, a very entertaining collection of stories about many of the interesting players and characters that Freddy ran into in his years as a road player. Freddy had recently returned home from a well received book tour to NYC and was getting some great press in mainstream publications like Chicago’s Daily Reader when he entered the hospital.

Freddy came to the first One Pocket Hall of Fame dinner in January, 2005, and as a guest speaker that first year it became obvious he was a great choice to share the podium with One Pocket legend Grady Mathews. From that year on, Freddy served along with Grady as Co-Master of Ceremonies for the One Pocket HOF. Over the last 10 years in that role, Freddy honored many legendary players – some living and many deceased.

It became an annual tradition at the One Pocket Hall of Fame dinner to begin the evening with a wonderful poem written by Dennis Bondarenok, titled "You'll Be Up Here Yet." You can hear Freddy read it here on Youtube:

"You'll Be Up Here Yet"


Freddy's induction into the One Pocket HOF

for Bank Pool, with Grady Mathews

Over the last few years Freddy became a significant guardian angel for several aging pool players as their health declined, by visiting them in the hospital and helping to raise money for their expenses, and finally delivering eulogies at their funerals. In fact he did such a touching, knowledgeable and sincere job with the eulogies that he told me that more than one older player had already put in their requests to have him do that for them when they passed. Who knew that it would be Freddy that went first, and who is there to deliver a eulogy with his uniquely warm and respectful, yet irreverent and entertaining style? I am sorry Freddy, but your legacy is going to have to speak for itself, for we are at a loss. In your own words, then, “Bank on, Brother!” On to the other side, my friend.

Diana Hoppe photo

The “Encyclopedia” of Pool Hustlers

Freddy 'The Beard' Bentivegna

'The Beard' has outdone himself. This is a great compilation of the kind of insider pool hustler tales that most people never hear second hand, let alone get close enough to observe in person, as Freddy has. In all my interviews with players, I have been impressed at the detail they can remember, but some have really stood out, and none more than Freddy. To me "The Encyclopedia" is not just his book, it really is the man -- Freddy 'The Beard' himself is a walking encyclopedia of pool action history. Other players have great stories to tell of course, but what sets Freddy apart is his ability to communicate so readily in all different media -- in person, in writing, in commentary and in video. To that degree, with that first hand knowledge, he is one of a kind.

Since The Encyclopedia was published, Freddy has been getting some well-deserved media attention, from Chicago to NYC, as the press is discovering the man behind the book, such as this great article that includes a video piece:

The Twilight of Freddy the Beard

In recent years Freddy has grown into a spokesperson and unusually big-hearted angel for many of the aging pool players of his generation, as great players like 'Bugs' Rucker, Jet Johnson and others got sick and passed on. Unusual for pool players, maybe, but for those who know Freddy well, they always knew he had a heart just as strong as his old hustler's killer instinct for winning. Now ironically, Freddy finds himself in the hospital battling the kind serious health issues that often seem to catch up to older pool hustlers. We all wish him the best in this different sort of battle, and look forward to a strong comeback from our pal, 'The Beard'.

The "Encyclopedia" of Pool Hustlers

is available directly from Freddy's website:


The Encyclopedia of Pool Hustlers

Front cover of Freddy's "Encyclopedia"

January, 2014

One Pocket Hall of Fame

10th Annual HOF Banquet is pleased to announce our One Pocket Hall of Fame honorees for the Class of 2013 to be inducted Tuesday, January 28th during the Derby City Classic. Our featured living inductees this year are Cliff Joyner for One Pocket, and Tony 'Banks' Coleman for Bank Pool. These two players are outstanding representatives of One Pocket and Banks as well as pool action, having both won the 'Louie Roberts Action/Entertainment Award' at the Derby City Classic in recent years.

This event is always a heady mix of strong emotions & entertaining stories; often described as "the highlight of Derby City" by those who attend.

One Pocket champion Cliff Joyner

Click here for more information and to make your reservations



Tony Coleman in action at the Derby City Classic

In addition, we will be honoring three long deceased players who were instrumental in raising the level of both One Pocket and Banks in the generations before us.

In One Pocket:

Hubert Cokes

Harold Worst

In Banks:

Bob Bowles


July, 2013

US Open One Pocket

Dennis Orcullo tops Corey Deuel for the 2013 title

Dennis Orcullo was able to pick up where he left off after a severe thunder storm caused a power outage right in the middle of the winner's side final of the 15th US Open One Pocket, causing his match with Corey Deuel to be postponed until the following morning. Leading 2-0 in games and 6-0 in the score when the power went out, Orcullo went on to win the hot seat with a 4-0 dusting of Corey the next morning.

Corey Deuel finished 2nd


Dennis Orcullo, 2013 US Open One Pocket champion

That put Corey up against the most recent addition to the traveling contingent of stellar players from the Philippines, Carlo Biado, for a second chance to reach the finals. Corey was up to the task, but the finals would have to wait an extra day, with all three of the One Pocket finalists also contending in the US Open 10-Ball tournament, which began as the US Open One Pocket was winding down.

The finals were a single race to 5, and Orcullo prevailed by a final score of 5-3, for his first major One Pocket championship.

Carlo Biado finished third in the full field of 64 players from around the world. This follows his strong finish in the One Pocket division at this year's Derby City Classic, and another strong finish at California Billiard's recent West Coast Challenge One Pocket event, so it appears he will be yet another a strong Filipino contender in future events.

Click here for a gallery of many more photos from this event

July, 2013

Tom Wirth sponsored player at the US Open One Pocket is pleased to sponsor veteran player Tom Wirth in the upcoming 14th US Open One Pocket tournament to be held July 17-20 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. would like to thank Mark Griffin and CSI for continuing the tradition of this prestigious event and for making this entry spot available. For further information about the US Open One Pocket, visit

Click here to read more about Tom



Tom Wirth on his way to winning Strawberry's 1993 One Pocket tournament would like to wish Tom the best of luck in the tournament. If you would like to support our sponsorship of Tom in this prestigious event, click on the Player Sponsorship page for more information. Anyone who donates will be entered in a drawing for some great memorabilia and instructional materials.


June, 2013

2013 Tunica Southern Classic

Alex Pagulayan victorious in Banks; Justin Bergman in One Pocket

Alex Pagulayan cruised through the field of 123 players undefeated to claim the 2013 Tunica Southern Classic Banks title. While Pagulayan is a veteran player with numerous major tournament championships to his credit, his finals opponent in the Banks division was a young player just beginning to leave his mark on the pro circuit -- Skyler Woodward. Not that everyone was surprised, because Woodward's 2nd place finish here in a major Banks tournament closely follows his 5th place finish in this years Derby City Classic Banks division. The kid can bank!

Pagulayan advanced to the finals with wins over Tommy Strickland, Robert Melrose, Chip Compton, Robb Saez, LeeVann Corteza, Nikos Ekonomopoulos, Jonathan DeMet, John Brumback and Richie Richeson, all without a loss. Woodward had to also navigate 10 rounds of Banks aficionados on his route to the finals, including a win over perennial Banks champion John Brumback, suffering his only loss at the hands of Efren Reyes.

The top Banks finishers for the 2013 Southern Classic:

1. Alex Pagulayan

2. Skyler Woodward

3. Richie Richeson

Tied for 4th. John Brumback & Troy Jones


In the One Pocket division, after losing to Francisco Bustamante in the first of two final matches, Justin Bergman used his buy back to force a second final against Bustamante, and second time was a charm as he defeated Bustamante three games to two for the Tunica Southern Classic One Pocket championship.

Like the Derby City Classic, the Tunica Southern Classic is not true double elimination, but instead offers each player one chance to "buy back" into the next round immediately after their first loss. Bergman did not suffer his first loss until he reached the finals against Bustamante, giving him the opportunity he needed to defeat Bustamante for the title following his buy back.

Corey Deuel finished third, suffering his second loss at the hands of Bergman in the 10th round, while Bustamante advanced to the finals after knocking out Niels Feijen in the 9th round.

Other top finishers include tied for 4th, Jonathan Pinegar, Niels Feijen and Mike Dechaine.

Earlier in the tournament, Bergman had advanced with wins over Daniel McKenney, Lou Figueroa, Jason Chance, Robb Saez, Mark Dimick, David Parker and Francisco Bustamante.


February 6, 2013

Ronnie 'Fast Eddie' Allen Dies

July 12, 1938 - February 6, 2013


One Pocket legend Ronnie Allen was originally from Oklahoma, and it was there he first developed the makings of a great pool player. In his teens Ronnie found his way to California, where he discovered the very active pool scenes in San Francisco and Los Angeles. He won the very first tournament he ever entered, Cochran's One Pocket tournament of 1962, which included a veritable who's who of early One Pocket.

As a tournament player, Ronnie won major One Pocket events over three decades:
   Cochran's One Pocket tournament in 1962
   Johnston City One Pocket division in 1970
   Red's Open One Pocket in1984

Ronnie also won the 9-Ball division at the Jansco's 1966 Stardust tournament, which qualified him for the finals, and indeed he went on to capture the all-around title for that year. Surprisingly, his clinching win for the all-around title came over Cicero Murphy at the game of Straight Pool, thus proving that Ronnie was one of the top all-around players of his day.

As an after hours player, Ronnie was the dominant One Pocket player for nearly twenty years, from the mid 60's to the mid 80's. His flamboyant style at the table was as popular with the spectators as it was overwhelming to his opponents. During those peak years, it took a rare player to face Ronnie even; nearly everyone could get a ball or two -- or more.

Ronnie also developed a very strong one-handed technique. Many players who hesitated to step to the table with him in normal fashion were enticed to take him on, their two hands to his one, only to find he shot nearly as well one-handed!

Credited with inventing ‘power One Pocket', Ronnie was famous for his creative shots that aggressively moved several balls at once away from his opponent's pocket and towards his own. His entertaining and exciting style of play came as quite a contrast to the conservative style employed by most of the top One Pocket players when Ronnie first burst on to the One Pocket scene. His exciting style has inspired many of our younger generation of players, which has made the game itself more entertaining for countless fans.

Ronnie was elected into the One Pocket Hall of Fame in 2004 for his outstanding contribution to the legacy of the game of One Pocket.


Ronnie Allen at the first One Pocket Hall of Fame banquet in January 2005

Click here to read our 2004 interview with Ronnie Allen

December 9, 2012

One Pocket Hall of Fame

Class of 2012 Inductees Announced

The nomination and voting process is now complete for our incoming class of One Pocket Hall of Fame inductees. is pleased to announce that Shannon Daulton has been elected both for One Pocket and Bank Pool this year. He joins an elite small group of players that are represented both in the Bank Pool and One Pocket divisions of our Hall of Fame, and is the first to be elected to both in the same year. Shannon also becomes our youngest player ever inducted -- a fitting honor, since no player before or since has ever come to dominate the game of One Pocket at such an early age as Shannon did, beginning as a teenager. Congratulations to Shannon Daulton!

We are also proud to announce that the late champion Larry Price will be our second inductee in the discipline of Bank Pool this year. Larry was a two-time winner of the Derby City Classic Banks division.

April 18, 2012

Grady 'The Professor' Mathews Dies

January 3, 1943 - April 18, 2012


Grady Frederick Mathews III was born January 3, 1943 in San Antonio, TX and passed away on Wednesday, April 18, 2012. He was a son of the late Grady F. Mathews, Jr. and Sammie Lois Lynch Mathews. Grady is survived by his daughter, Marie Cram (Thomas); son, Grady Frederick Mathews, IV; grandson, Thomas Cram, Jr.; brothers, Steve Mathews and Vince Mathews; sisters, Karen Taylor and Terry Gary.

They called him ‘The Professor’, but they could just as aptly have called him Mr. One Pocket. It is hard to imagine a model for contributing more to the game of One Pocket than exhibited over the career of Grady Mathews; he has truly been an ambassador to the game.

When Grady was a teenager his family moved to San Mateo, California, just about 25 miles outside of the pool Mecca of San Francisco. Grady was a good natural athlete, but once he got started with pool, that is where he turned his attention. He proved to be an adept student of pool, especially the game of One Pocket, honing his skills at fabled Cochran’s in San Francisco ...

Click here to read the rest of our

Tribute to Grady Mathews


Grady at the tournament chart for his

Gulf Coast Classic Tournament in 2004

January, 2012

2012 Derby City Classic

Morra Less a Sweep by Van Boening


Not since Mark Tadd at the Los Angeles Open in 1993 has a player so dominated a major all-around tournament like Shane Van Boening did this year at the 14th annual Derby City Classic. It took the straight shooting young man from Canada, John Morra, two tries to defeat Van Boening in the Banks finals, thus preventing what would have been a sweep for Van Boening, as he went on to win both the One Pocket and 9-Ball divisions.

Morra had entered the final Banks round with his "buy-back" still available, whereas Shane had suffered a loss in an earlier round. Shane prevailed in the first final match, but was finally dispatched by Morra in the second final match. Third place went to Brandon Shuff and 4th to John Brumback.

It only got better for Van Boening in the One Pocket division, as he navigated his way through a field of 312 players to sweep his way to the top prize. Not that it was easy, nor was it just his superior fire-power that carried him. He survived one match with veteran Chicago player Ike Runnels that included a single two hour game in which Shane clawed out a win after falling way behind.

Obviously, Van Boening also came away with the Master of the Table bonus. It was a great week for Van Boening overall, who took home $33,000 in purses and an extra $20,00 for the Master of the Table bonus.

Click here for many more photos from Derby City


Shane Van Boening,

2012 DCC One Pocket champion

October, 2011

Johnston City

50th Anniversary of Jansco Brothers First Tournament 1961-2011


October 25th, 1961 the world of pool in America woke up to a remarkable new kind of tournament that shook the pool establishment out of a deep slumber. It was an unusual event on several fronts; one being the unlikely location for a major national pool tournament, deep in rural southern Illinois. Second, it was a game, One Pocket, not recognized by the established sanctioning body of pool in America at that time, the Billiard Congress of America. Third, the tournament boldly featured a number of known hustler pool players who had not participated in the few sanctioned events of the mid-century -- whether by their own choice, or because they were not invited due to their reputations. And finally, the promoter was a total newcomer to pool tournament promotions, a fellow who had his roots more in the gambling side of pool than the establishment side of pool, the remarkable George Jansco. So who were the Jansco Brothers, and what made them think a small town in southern Illinois could become the “Billiard Capitol of the World”?

Click here for more of the story about the Jansco's legendary Johnston City tournaments


Jansco Brothers Johnston City

George & Paulie Jansco in 1961

The GosPool

by Freddy Bentivegna

Freddy 'The Beard' Bentivegna has done it again, as he follows up his first book, Banking with the Beard, with this second volume of banks and outrageous pool stories.

Click here for our review


One-Pocket Man

A novel by Albert J. Betz is pleased to present the exclusive serialized publication of One-Pocket Man, a new novel by member Al Betz. One-Pocket Man is a fast-paced crime novel, not a pool instructional book! It features a mid-life hit man for the Chicago mob who is offered the chance to trade a new life for spilling what he knows to the FBI. He happens to be a pool player and a One Pocket fan, but old habits die hard....

Click here for Chapter One

Click here for Chapter Two

Click here for Chapter Three

Click here for Chapter Four

Click here for Chapter Five


Banking with the Beard

by Freddy Bentivegna

Freddy 'the Beard' Bentivegna has just published a unique new book on banking, entitled Banking with the Beard, Secrets of a Master Banker.  Chicago has for years been host to a culture of big action Bank Pool, home to legends such as 'Bugs' Rucker, Glenn 'Piggy Banks' Rogers, and of course, 'The Beard'.

Click here for our complete review



Derby City Classic

Louie Roberts Award

Given annually to the player or backer that brings the most "action and entertainment" to the Derby City Classic, in the spirit of the late Louie Roberts. Prior winners are:

* 2003 Alex Pagulayan *

* 2004 Tony Watson *

* 2005 Scott Frost *

* 2006 Cliff Joyner *

* 2007 Chris Bartram *

* 2008 Shane Van Boening *

* 2009 'Scooter' Goodman *

* 2010 Jeanette 'Black Widow' Lee *

* 2011 winner, 'Dippy Dave' Peat *

Congratulations, 2012 winner, Tony Coleman

Click here for more of the 2012 Louie Roberts Award story & more photos

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