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'Bugs' Raffle Raised over $6000!

July 17th

Chicago bank pool legend Leonard ‘Bugs’ Rucker is really suffering from the advancement of diabetes. He is seriously down, but not out! He had a leg amputated July 2nd.

Thank you all for your generous donations; the drawing took place July 17th. donated the Paypal fees, so 100% of your contribution went toward Bugs. Our man Freddy Bentivegna administered the delivery of these funds, because Bugs doesn’t even have a bank account.


Raffle is closed -- thank you all for your donations!

Bugs Rucker enjoys his One Pocket Hall of Fame

induction in January 2005, along with fellow inductees

Grady Mathews and Efren Reyes


Jump/Break combo stick, brand new, signed by Bank Pool and One Pocket Hall of Fame members and special guests at last year's HOF dinner:

  1. Marshall 'Squirrel' Carpenter
  2. Grady Mathews
  3. Truman Hogue
  4. Danny Di Liberto
  5. Efren Reyes & his friend Francisco Bustamante
  6. George Rood
  7. Nick Varner
  8. Vernon Elliott
  9. Freddy 'The Beard'

click to view larger pic

McDermott Velocity Cue   -- Thank you McDermott Cues!

Nick Varner NV-63 cue stick

Chicago Series Smoke Birdseye 5 Points -- for more information visit


-- Thank you Nick Varner!

DVD of 80's pool tournament photos

These photos were taken by Mike Haines & Bill Porter at various 80's pool tournaments, and include many famous players (some no longer with us). These are high resolution files suitable for printing!

(two of these donated -- two winners will be drawn)

  -- Thank you Bill Porter!

Buddy Hall Cue Guide & 2 Pack DVD Set

For more information visit

   -- Thank you Ruben Rodriguez !


For more information visit



-- Thank you Darrell Abernathy and!

Chuck Starkey ironwood & birseye custom cue

19-3/4 oz. cue with wood pin joint and a flat laminated shaft vacuum pressed for a very solid hit...

click on the link for more info -->>


-- Thank you Chuck Starkey! Click to see more pics & info on this cue

One Sniper Tip installation, clean and recondition of the same shaft -- I will pay for the return shipping. That is approximately a $60.00 donation depending on the location of the individual winner. Although I do not anticipate any, I accept all responsibility for any mishaps that may occur (Lost package during shipping). I have a 100% record when it comes to handling shipped-in services.  

 -- Thank you Gene Isaac!

Off The Rack Billiards, Inc.

Castillo 2X4 leather alligator pattern soft case   -- Thank you Wedge!

Five autographed copies of  The GREAT Break Shot book

(Which include Joe Tucker's "New" Racking Secrets

  -- Thank you Charley Bond of the BreakRAK LLC !

DVD of the Ronnie Allen vs. Danny Diliberto One Pocket Match. Also a set of programs from the 1982 Caesar's Tahoe Billiard Classic, 1987 Peter Vitalie Invitational and the 1992 Los Angeles Open 9-Ball.

   -- Thank you Jay Helfert!

6 CueTable Fitted T-Shirts

The winner can have a shirt with his/her favorite shot layout printed on the front or choose from an existing CueTable graphic design at
These are high quality T-Shirts made by American Apparel

   -- Thank you Wei,

Handmade Phillipines Gordon display cue

This is a former display cue that shows the artwork and craftsmanship of the cue maker Gordon from the Phillipines


-- Thank you Mark Sulich, Q-Werks Cues !

8 DVD's from the Monk  

-- Thank you Tim Miller!

$500 Gift Certificate for Fury Cues   --  Thank you Sterling Gaming and Cuesight !
1: DVD of "Money Pool". This is Grady's most popular instructional and is about gambling....of course.
2: Poster. Legends of One Pocket, 1991, 22"x28". one corner slightly bent so not in excellent condition. I'd say very good.
3: Poster. King of the Hill, IPT 2005. photo of all players in that particular tournament. 23:x34". Excellent condition.
4: Poster. US Open 9 Ball Championships. 25th Anniversary, 2000. 17"x22". Very good condition.

-- Thank you Grady Mathews for donating these four items!

2-hr private lesson with Scott Lee  

-- Thank you Scott Lee!

Bugs Rucker Hall of Fame poster signed by Bugs himself!  

click to view larger pic

Both of Freddy 'The Beard' Bentivegna's books



     -- Thank you Fred Bentivegna!

Ten copies of Gerald Huber's book, The Green Felt Jungle

    -- Thank you Gerald Huber!





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