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Danny Di Liberto


One Pocket

Hall of Fame


Is pleased to honor


Di Liberto


For his Outstanding Contribution

to the Legacy of

The Game of One Pocket

Elected 2004



Danny is originally from Buffalo, NY, where he honed his skills playing mostly Straight Pool and 9-Ball. He didn't really become aquainted with One Pocket until his arrival at Johnston City in 1964. However, he showed a quick understanding of the game, and soon found it very well-suited to his strong all-around skills and intelligent style of play.


* As a tournament player, Danny came out on top in two major One Pocket events:

  •   1983 Tampa FL All-Around One Pocket Division
  •   1985 Sid Mann's Austin World One Pocket

* As an After Hours Player, Danny has matched up with players all over the country; at one time or another having been on the road with most of the top road players of his era.

In 1988 Danny was featured in a $20,000 One Pocket challenge match with Ronnie Allen promoted by Jay Helfert that is still available on video tape.



* Through his frequent commentary work, Danny has brought his very entertaining and informative style to many viewers, educating the many One Pocket players that watch and study intently.


Danny with fellow One Pocket HOF'er Grady Mathews


Danny is featured in one of our interviews:

Rack 'em up with Danny Di Liberto


Danny demonstrates to fellow announcer Tony Annigoni, and Billiard Club Network viewers, how to tell when a cross-corner bank is a kiss.

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