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April 28, 2005

Larry 'Boston Shorty' Johnson

One Pocket Hall of Fame Induction

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The crowd filled Dave Egdal’s Brighton Billiards Thursday evening for a special local One Pocket Hall of Fame event honoring the late Larry ‘Boston Shorty’ Johnson. Many of Shorty’s old friends and companions on the road came out to exchange stories and remember the legendary pool and billiards star. Though barely more than five feet tall, he was a giant of a player, one of a very select few cue stars to win major championships on both pocket and pocket-less tables.


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One Pocket Hall of Fame page


Master of Ceremonies Grady Mathews with Mike Nicoloro

Old friend Herb Carlson


A lighter moment as Charlie demonstrates

Shorty's style behind the wheel

Emotions ran high as Grady requested a moment of silence

for Shorty, and two other recently deceased local legends,

Larry Lisciotti and Nick Vlahos

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The above photos were taken by Steve Booth

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