About Us


Mission Statement:

  • To provide a comprehensive internet resource to help all One Pocket players improve their level of play
  • To educate and encourage all One Pocket fans to further their enjoyment and spectator participation in the game
  • To facilitate networking and cooperation between One Pocket players, promoters and fans for the purpose of helping the game of One Pocket grow in popularity, and helping One Pocket events to be more successful
  • To maintain standardized rules for One Pocket play
  • To uphold and promote the dignity of the game in a manner that encourages new player, promoter and fan participation in One Pocket
  • To recognize individuals or businesses that have especially contributed to the game of One Pocket over a significant period of time

OnePocket.org is offered to the One Pocket community as an internet nexus for all things One Pocket. One Pocket is a great game, and the more players that take it up, the better for all of us that have already discovered it!

If you are new to One Pocket, you’ll find lots of tips here to help you get started with the game. Even if you are already a pretty good One Pocket player, the message board should help you find new ideas, meet new players, and discover some new shots and moves – and of course you are invited to have fun sharing your knowledge and experience with others. If you are a proprietor or promoter, you are welcome to take advantage of the message board to promote your room or events, and make use of the OnePocket.org rules.

The idea for this web site is to serve the One Pocket community, so if you have any suggestions to improve it, bring them on, contact us!