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4 rail banks in side!

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  • 4 rail banks in side!

    Here is a couple of 4 rail bank shots in the side. The top video is coming off of the end rail, and it is important not to go across the face of the ob, for it will put some reverse on it, so therefore if you have to go across the face to hit the correct angle then put a slight bit of natural english to offset the reverse.

    The bottom video, it is important to get the ob to roll natural, otherwise it will either shorten or go long.

    These shots are fun, but are also useful when either the other pockets are not available or when you want to hold the cb. Enjoy, Whitey

    Hank, just when you were trying to get the 3 rail bank down in the side, I go and pop this action up on you!

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    Great presentation on both bank shots. Thank you.


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      Whitey, Howdy;

      When the manager of the canteen sees me practicing 3 & 4 rail Banks he's
      gonna crap down both legs , .

      These look like fun too. might try them today, not sure yet, will see.

      Striving for a less complicated life since 1949 ...


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        nice to have in the arsenal