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wwyd Ghost vs. John 29, bank shots

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  • wwyd Ghost vs. John 29, bank shots
    click on video to get sound.

    This is a wwyd by Ghost! OneRock thinks this is the best wwyd ever, and he does a wonderful video of a tikki off of the 7 and into the stack. Patrick Johnson diagrams a two rail on the 7 that is controversial for it is hard to get out of the kiss, but yes you can get out of it, and go into the stack with the cb.
    The wwyd is now on pg.71, and is well worth going through the posts. Consensus is that Dr. Bill's one rail kick into the 10 is the best shot.

    Notice the 7 just missing the stack, 8, and stack yet again!
    Enjoy, Whitey
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    Whitey, Howdy;

    , You're a Bankin' freakin' wizard , !

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