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Very sorry for your loss, John

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  • Very sorry for your loss, John

    Really sorry to hear that John Brumback's brother died. When I first interviewed John to get his background story for his HOF bio, the first person he talked about was his brother Randy. Randy had got a pool table for the family basement (maybe as a graduation present, if I recall how John told it). Randy was nine years older than John. It was Randy that first taught John how to play pool. John is not that old, so Randy wasn't either.
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    My sincerest condolences John.

    Your friend, Pel
    I shoot pool like I make love - I'm not very good but do have a lot of fun trying.


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      Condolences on your loss.



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        My condolences to you, John.

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          Sorry for your loss John. I don't believe I ever met your brother but he will be in my prayers. God Bless!

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            I'm very sorry for your loss, John.


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              Deep sympathies to you and your family. I hope the love of your family and your brothers memories will give you some comfort in the days ahead, and we sure been missing you around here lately.
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                "Mourning the loss, can often be as hard as the loss itself" anon.

                I think JimmyB pretty well echoed all our sentiments..Remember the good times..I hope he went easy...Your friend, Dick


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                  my sincere condolences to you and your family
                  R.I.P Randy


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                    These words mean alot to me about right now. He and I did everything together. He was only 62 (13 years older than me) but we were like twins.

                    I have not touched my table or cue now for weeks. The longest I'v gone in 30 years without hittin some balls. Haven't even thought about pool.He was in the hospital for 5 or 6 weeks before he passed this last Monday. He was retired from the us postal service where he had takin over my dad's route.He lived the good life but maybe had a little to much fun,but who's to say what is to much fun? Knowing my brother..he's laughing his ass off right now and slapping his leg and sayin what a hell of a ride he had.He had never been married and had no kids but he did have a few fine lookin women to keep him company over the years.

                    He was one of the best pool players in my small town.And yes he caused me to get bit by the pool bug Thanks again everyone!! I'll be back. John B.
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                      Wow, I just saw this news – very sad! I had the good fortune of meeting Randy at a get together and I can say for sure he is a great guy. Though I only got to hang out with him for one night, it was very clear to me how much Randy enjoyed life. As far as I can tell, Randy was deadly serious about anything competitive including table tennis, corn hole, or even whatever that ring game is called with the string and the nail on the wall. These Brumbacks are serious competitors for sure! Not a surprise to imagine that Randy greatly influenced John’s competitive intensity and vice versa. And let it also be known that Randy was one helluva guitar player! He could crank out some mean licks and had a great taste in music. All told, a great guy to have encountered along this winding road we all must travel.

                      We’ll be thinking of you guys here in Lexington. Please accept my sincere condolences. I would say stay strong, but I think that all you really need to do is to just remain the champ that you really are.

                      Your friend,



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                        I have no idea what happened, but I'm regretful of your loss of your brother
                        Your little buddy.

                        Rodney Stephens.
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                          Sorry to hear this John. My condolences. I am sure he wants to see you back at the table and taking more titles down, get to it bud!


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                            sorry for your loss

                            I am sorry for your loss John. My one brother died at age 45, the other one died at 54. I miss just sitting down and having a good talk with them. I met your brother Randy at the 2012 DCC. He seemed like a nice guy. Prayers sent for you and your family.


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                              I wish to add my condolences to the ever growing list of persons here expressing there sadness in learning of your loss. May you, your family, and all those others personally touched by Randy's pasing find peace in knowing he is now with the Lord.


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