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  • One Pocket HOF posters & programs

    I have HOF posters for most (but not all) of our One Pocket and Bank Pool Hall of Fame inductees. The posters are 12" x 18" on rugged poster stock. Many of them have been signed by the inductee (or in some cases, by a person of note close to the inductee if it was a posthumous induction).

    The programs have bio's of the inductees along with some photos, and are pretty popular at the HOF dinner every year, lol. I have very few of the early years, but starting with 2006 they are 8 pages and I should have them.

    I would like to make some improvements to and could use some donations toward that end, and you will also be helping support the One Pocket HOF. If you feel like you get a lot out of reading and would be able to chip in, I would be happy to reward you with a poster or posters and or HOF program. There are too many to show here, but if you are interested in anything in particular, just ask!!

    For example, for a donation of $250 I would send one of my rare signed posters of players who have since passed such as Grady, Ronnie Allen, Eddie Taylor (very limited), or your pick of any two living HOF players that I have available signed.

    For $150 donation I would send any of the signed HOF posters of living players. In that group I would also include Fats One Pocket HOF poster which was stamped with Fats' actual stamp and signed by his widow.

    For $100 or less I can send an unsigned poster or program or both depending on what you donate. Just ask!

    I can certainly put together any kind of custom package for you too, so just ask. Keep in mind all of the quantities are pretty limited -- especially the signed posters of course, so first-come, first served!

    Signed Posters

    Allen, Ronnie (deceased)
    Anderson, Donny
    Bentivegna, Freddy 'The Beard' (deceased)
    Bodendorfer, Artie
    Brumback, John
    Carpenter, Marshall 'Squirrel'
    Cooney, Jack
    Coleman, Tony
    Daulton, Shannon
    DiLiberto, Danny
    Elliott, Vernon (deceased)
    Fargo, Tony
    Fusco, Jimmy
    Hall, Buddy
    Hogue, Truman
    Incardona, Billy
    Joyner, Cliff
    Mathews, Grady (deceased)
    McMorran, Richard
    Parica, Jose
    Platis, Harry
    Rogers, Glenn Piggy Banks
    Rucker, Bugs (deceased)
    Spears, Jimmy Flyboy
    Sullivan, Greg
    Taylor, Eddie (deceased)
    Varner, Nick
    Wanderone, Fats (deceased) (stamped & signed by T-Belle


    Burge, Billy 'Cornbread Red (signed by Steve Lomako)
    Cook, Steve
    Chapman, John 'Cannonball' (signed by Vernon Elliott)
    Cokes, Hubert (signed by Nick Varner)
    Hopkins, Allen
    Jansco Brothers (signed by JoAnn Jansco)
    Kelly, Ed 'Champagne'
    Washington, Javanley 'Youngblood'
    "One Pocket, it's an epidemic and there ain't no cure."
    -- Strawberry Brooks

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    What a great OFFER

    And going to help spruce up

    I'm in, as soon as the SS Check and IRS send me some money... should be in about 10 days.

    I sure hope I don't wait too long.

    (I should have kept one of RA's signature posters when I had a chance.)
    Been practicing more and more... still need a consistant stroke and glasses


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      check your pm


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        Thank you -- got you both covered.
        "One Pocket, it's an epidemic and there ain't no cure."
        -- Strawberry Brooks


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          It looks.....

 Cousin It on the Addams Family right behind Billy.......too funny,cheers,James