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    Jimmy and I went to Nashville. We went to see a guy we'd met in Houston, the guy was with a pool player who didn't beat anyone at the LeCue.

    We gave them a bar spot and they won however much ? The horse tried to give us some cash, we told them "you're not home yet hold on to it. "
    The next day the Horse said if you ever get to Nashville I've got a bar on the Chattanooga Hwy, come see me, and gave us a business card.

    We found the spot and they were playing challenge 8 ball on a bar table for a beer. The owners name was shelby and he treated us like long lost relatives, Introduced us to the players, bought us beers and sat at the table with us. He was grinning from ear to ear and said we're going to make some money.

    The next day and 4 or 5 more he carried us around to a lot of bars, we played most places we went and chopped the money up 3 ways. During this spell we went to a pool room out in the burbs and Dutch the guy he was in houston with was there. He seemed glad to see us and named a few spots, but we'd already tried them.

    The last bar we went in, we were surprised to see Lefty hustling $1.00 8 ball.
    When he saw us he rushed over and said to Shelby I've got a hell of a deal for you,
    hang on, he went over in the corner and came back with a grocery sack with Sansabelt slacks. he said I paid $35 a pair for these I'll sell them 2 pair for $30 dollars.
    Shelby asked who is this guy ? Is he a booster ? I said no he's ok, I know he didn't steal those. Shelby said $10.00 a pair, they haggled a minute and Lefty said ok to something.
    We asked what's happened Lefty, he said the widow kicked me out, took the Pontiac back and left me broke, I've been hustling but haven't done no good. We gave him a few bucks, told him where shelby's joint was, and went on our way.

    one afternoon Jimmy wanted to see a movie, so I just hung in Shelby's bar. a countrified guy came in, he had bright red hair and was really cross-eyed.
    He put his coin up and started to hustle the 8 ball players, he was asking to play for $5.00. Shelby pointed at me and said He might play. The guy said 8 ball for $5.00, I said 9 ball for $25.00. He nodded and I gave Shelby the office and the game was on.

    It was amazing that he could even play pool with those eyes, but play pool he could, He beat me like a Puerto Rican step child, I lost 4 games so fast I could hardly get my breath, I threw my hands up and said I quit. Shelby came rushing over and said you can't quit, I said sure I can, this guy hasn't missed a ball.
    He said I'll stake you, I said I've got money the games no good. He wouldn't take no for an answer, In the back of my mind I was hoping Jimmy would get back soon. So I said ok and the game was back on. We see sawed about 30 minutes, then he beat me 4 more in a row. Now Shelby is a believer and said enough.

    Jimmy came back in a while and the guy was still there, I gave him the high sign and he went over and asked the guy to play. The guy said No Thanks, Shelby went nuts, the guy shrugged his shoulders and said he plays too good and walked out the door.
    I told Jimmy the story and he laughed, and waited til Shelby quit ranting and raving and went in the back. Then he asked "you know what happened "
    No I say, he says I'd bet a dollar to a donut that Dutch sent the guy over here.
    Jimmy then said, oh well it aint important.
    More Nashville later.

    Rodney Stephens.
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      More Nashville

      Things had slowed around Shelbys joint so we began looking around on our own.
      We finally gave up and went downtown to the main pool room, we had talked it over and decided to try and play a guy called Bingo, He was a real good player.
      I had seen him at a tourney in Macon Ga, we fooled around there and played a few cheap games and won a few bucks, but no Bingo.

      We gave up and asked where he was and they told us he was in jail.

      He was a bookmaker and had been arrested a time or two and the local cops said get a Federal Gambling Stamp and we'll leave you alone, well he got one and come to find out, he put the address of the women's dorm at vanderbilt University
      down as his address. That didn't fly with the feds and they came and got him.
      Seemed kind of silly to me, they want your address so they can come by and see how much business you're writing.

      Then we asked for any other players around, they said maybe tomorrow.
      We came back the next day and Marshall Carpenter was there, I'd seen him at the same tourney in Macon Ga, hard to miss, little guy with piercing blue eyes.
      He was stalling around, asking for weight and so on. Jimmy was never one for matching up so I did most of the talking. I said I thought you lived in Tuscaloosa,
      He said I've been here a year playing golf and gambling high at the black golf course most everyday. He was a classy little guy with a good sense of humor, I was enjoying our banter, but it didn't look like we'd get any action.

      Jimmy was hitting balls and got bored, came over and said I'll play you some $50.00 9 ball. Marshall said nah no way, I haven't played in 2 years, Jimmy said ok then I'll play $500.00 worth, Squirrel said "if you really want to gamble I'll play one pocket for $200.00 a game" Jimmy kind of took the heat and said" if you really want to gamble, I'll play some head up basketball for $200.00 a point.
      Well that was the end of that, Marshall flew out of the joint.
      We headed back to Memphis.

      Rodney Stephens.
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        Memphis once more

        We got back in time to check into our favorite motel, we had picked up some Pepsi cola for Jimmy and some Rum for me. Onion dip and Lays potato chips.
        We got settled by 11: pm, for the all night Charlie Chan marathon.

        Jimmy only drank Pepsi, we once stopped in a little town in Miss, The program was we'd pull into the motel and back to the vending machines, if they didn't have Pepsi we went on to the next motel, after checking all three motels in this little town, NO Pepsi. as tired as I was we drove on to the next city which was thankfully bigger and had Pepsi Cola.

        The next day was Saturday, we decided to go back by Trumann on our way home.
        We slept late, got checked out , Had lunch and went by the pool room, a lot of hackers no action, we visited with the regulars, gassed up and got on the road.

        It was around 4: pm when we got to the Cotton Club, There were a few people milling around one of the bar tables, but no game just woofing. I asked a guy I knew what was going on. He said the tall young guy standing against the wall, had just beaten Snuffy for a few hundred. Snuffy was a fellow we didn't know, but had heard his name around most of the gambling spots, word was he could play.

        The tall kids stakehorse was woofing at the joint, Somebody that knew him, called him Bojack. The name fit, he was big, bald and had scars on his head.

        I went over and asked Snuffy if he was trying to play, he said no I'm waiting for someone to bring me money, I said I thought we might try to play, he said go ahead, kid plays good, I'm going to look for an easier game.

        I asked Bojack what he wanted to play for, He said whatever you can stand.
        I said I don't play but my horse will play your horse $50 9 ball. He said put up a hundred. Game on.

        They played even about two hours, then the young fellow began to feel the heat, he missed an easy 7ball and Jimmy got out, made the 9 on the break and ran 2 more racks. Bojack said bet a hundred. Game on.

        The first game the kid missed an easy shot early in the game and Jimmy hit him with a 3 game flurry, back and forth a short while and Jimmy strung together 2 more.

        That was all, take the stakes, I was a little worried about Bojack, but no problems.
        He shook hands and asked, whats your players name. I said Jimmy but around here they call him Bigfoot. So what's your kids name. He said Mike but they call him Tennessee Tarzan. I could see it, 6' ft 2" or 6' ft 3" his waist was 28 or 30 inches and his shoulders about 50 inches.

        Bojack said come to Little Rock and we'll play some on a big table, I said I'm not sure but probably. He wrote his phone down for me.

        Little Rock later.

        Rodney Stephens.
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          Little Rock

          We talked about it a little and decided to head to Little Rock.
          We drove over the next day and looked around some places, we didn't know where to go, we went in one place there was nothing going on but a partner's snooker game for $5.00 a man, so we got a room, a meal and went to a movie.
          Monday we went back to the snooker hall and asked about action, they sent us some place, nothing happening. We'd been out a while, so we looked up a wash and fold laundromat and got laundry done, then called Bojack.

          He sent us someplace right downtown said they'd be there in an hour, we went early and found a pool room with only 4x8 tables. Jimmy began hitting balls and they soon showed, Well they said $25.00 a game, we hummed and hawed and tried to put up a few hundred but no soap. So I told Bojack to post up $50.00, he laughed but put it up on the light.

          Well T. Tarzan played really good, he missed nothing for a few hours and we were six games loser. The back table was toward the wall and there was a room air conditioner mounted high in the wall, the moisture was dripping down as they played. A couple more hours, now 7 games loser The table was getting wetter.
          I asked Jim what do you want to do quit, raise it, what ? He said let's play.
          Well Jim was probably more used to playing on wet tables than Tarzan, They had both began missing balls. Jim caught a gear and we got even in about an hour. Game over.
          I asked Bojack if there were any bars with action or any that stayed open late ?
          He said go straight north on main street and when you cross the bridge turn sharp right and a cafe sits there. He said we'll meet you there.
          Jimmy was tired and wanted to go to bed so I dropped him off and went to meet them.

          It may have been the North Little Rock Cafe, I'm not sure. There was a game room with a couple of bar tables, bumper pool table and 2 shuffle alley machines.
          Nobody to play pool so we went out in the boonies somewhere. I followed in my car, the place was an old barn looking honky tonk with juke box, a dance floor and 4 bar tables.
          Nothing going on, they said wait an hour or so, when the clubs in town close, plenty of people come here.

          While we were waiting Tarzan wanted to play me, we bantered a bit and I said I'll try some Texas 8 ball, he said he didn't know the game, so I explained last pocket 8 ball to him he said fine, $20.00 a game. Well sure enough he didn't know how to play it and I stayed a few games winner for the next hour.
          The old joint began to fill and someone he had a game with came in and he quit 2 games loser. As I was leaving I noticed a barefoot kid about 12 years old playing near the door. He looked like he was playing pretty well.

          More Little Rock Later.

          Rodney Stephens.
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            Little Rock, day 3

            I awoke to the sound of Magpies having a cart fight somewhere near our door.
            Since I was first on the road, it's been an ambition of mine to kill a maid.
            It was about 10:30am which is early when you've been up half the night, I put the "Do Not Disturb" sign out when I went in.

            Many times we'd drive all night, stop and have breakfast, and wait til 10am to check into a motel, duck room service and sleep 6 hours or so, get up and start hustling. If not in action that night go back to bed around 11 or 12pm, Getting two sleep days for the cost of one.

            Bojack had told me the night before to call him, he had some spots we could make money. We ate and gave him a call, he came and met us and we rolled out together. He had made a call from the cafe and set up a game. We went to a bar and played the owner, giving him the 8 ball on BO's advice, we won $200.00,
            BO was on the phone while Jimmy was playing. The fellow quit in a short while, BO said let's cut the money, right in front of the guy. It had been so easy we gave him half, he did the damnedest thing, he turned around and gave his half back to the guy. BO said let's go we've got a game waiting.
            Next stop another bar owner, this time 7, 8 and 9 for $50, the game was tougher but doable, the guy lost $300 and quit, same deal we gave BO $150 and he gave it back to the guy.

            He said I haven't been able to get ahold of anyone else. Jimmy asked what's the deal about giving the cash back. BO said "I always pay my debts."
            We rode over to the cafe by the bridge, Still don't remember the name, Today the same barefoot youngster I'd seen last night was playing $20.00 9 ball with a fairly young left handed guy. We settled in and watched and finally the kid ground him out of about $200.00.
            Jimmy asked the tad to play and he said sure, he was looking at a man on the rail and the guy nodded.
            Jimmy ran through him fast, won $120.00, @$20.00 a game. So I asked him to play, the stake horse shook his head no, the kid went over and began promoting, politicking, pleading his case, whatever. Finally another fellow on the rail said "go ahead I've got you" Game on.

            We started playing and I couldn't do anything right, the kiddo, his name was Calvin beat me almost every game, I finally quit $200.00 loser@ $20.00 a game. Now calvin points at Jimmy and says "get up here" game on. Now Calvin plays better and it takes Jimmy a while to break him down, but Jimmy wins back what I lost @ $25.00 a game.
            I say give me the last two and I'll play more, he starts laughing and says I aint doin that. I said well C'mon. Game on.
            Long story short, he cleans my clock again, I lost $180.00 @ $30.00 a game.
            He points at Jimmy and says "your next" His Stake Horse says oh no, not this time, I'm off. Calvin talked to several potential Horses but no luck.

            Nothing happens for a while and as we get ready to leave Bojack says call me tomorrow, maybe we can do something, if not I've got a spot down the road that I'm sure we'll get action.


            Rodney Stephens.
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              day 4

              Little Rock day 4

              We talked about going home but decided not yet, before we turned in.
              Jimmy could really sleep, there was another cart fight outside our room at about 10:30am, it didn't phase Jimmy. I had a book so I read till he woke up about noon, when a maid knocked on the door and asked if we wanted the room cleaned or needed fresh towels. I got some towels and didn't raise any hell.

              We went to the cafe and called BO, he got there before we finished eating.
              He said he'd made some calls but nothing yet. We had more coffee and he got a cup and we shot the breeze awhile, he kept going to the pay phones. After a few tries he came back and said we're in business.

              We drove back toward Memphis, a few miles out we stopped at a truck stop.
              BO knew the guy in the truckers part and began talking to him. The guy lives nearby but hasn't shown. We waited an hour and BO called again, no answer so we left.

              Bo said the spot he had left was gambling but we might win big, the player was a bookmaker and had a place with a couple of 4x8's for a front, and liked to play himself. Let's go.
              The fellow's name was Ed Herndon and his place was in Bentonville, where Walmart headquarters was located about 15 or 20 miles from downtown Little Rock. When we got there we found out the game was the 5out and the break.
              We told BO the split was 3 ways since he didn't have much cash. He agreed.
              $ 100.00 a game was the bet and we're staking BO.

              They began to play, the table had peach basket pockets which favored us, I thought, but the break was strong. After a few games I began to rack for him, and our game looked ok. Jimmy got 6 games winner and we were licking our chops.

              Ed kept going in the back and making more balls on the break, I thought maybe he was doing drugs, til I had a shiver and realized he was turning the air conditioner down. I picked up a little bar towel and began wiping the balls down.
              I noticed the were covered with powder, Ed was really pouring the powder on every few shots. The table was getting faster and the balls getting slicker and the break getting stronger.

              I eased in the bathroom and washed my hands but didn't dry them much, came back and wiped them off on the bar towel I was using on the balls.
              Dampening the balls up helped a while, but slowly the break was getting the best of us.

              Ed got even about 11: pm and quit, we were happy he did it saved us the embarrassment of quitting, And I was freezing, it must've been 50% in there. Ed said I've got the time, I'll be here in the morning around 11:am, come on by.
              He was a really classy guy, never said a word about my monkey business with the rack, or any complaints.

              We took Bo back to his truck and said we'd talk in the morning. We woke up the next day loaded up and came to Houston.
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                Flashing back to T.J.

                As I mentioned in the beginning Parker's closed at 12:am.
                Ray Humphrey, who I also mentioned before, had a room staying open 24 hours.
                A lot of action on weekends and had not been raided yet.
                Sometimes a few of us would go there, including T.J.
                We went on a friday night and T.J. was offered 9/8 and the break by Freddy Sessions and game on. They played the same way at Parkers on a 4 1/2 x 9, but T.J. wasn't fairing too well on the smaller table. The place was full, all 9 tables
                I was playing bumper pool and watching Tee and Freddy play, freddy hit a long rail bank, there were a couple of balls below the side pocket blocking the bank from going in his pocket.

                The ball was headed between the spot and his hole, as it began to slow it curved hard right and rolled in his pocket, Freddy made the 2 balls below the side and game over.

                Freddy's up at the table to rack the balls, Tee walks over, says move Bud, He picks the table up, like doing curls, lifts it all the way above his head, the other end hits the floor, he steps back and drops it. He looks at Freddy, says I'll bet you don't know which way it rolls now.
                Tee gathered the balls that went on the floor, rolled 'em to Freddy, paid off and left. didn't say another word.
                It was really quite in that bad ass, dangerous joint, you could hear a mouse piss on a cotton cue tip in there.
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                Rodney Stephens.
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                  Parkers action.

                  There was a jewelry salesman named Bill Birch, he started coming around and gambling, he was going off every other week or so, for good chunks of money. Birch never brought much cash. T.J. would cash his checks and charge whoever was winning his money 30%. Everybody that played Birch knew the rules. if someone that didn't know got him down, they got the rules explained, in no uncertain terms. It wasn't a bad deal, Tee stood good for any bad checks, you got your money right away, while you were playing.
                  I believe somebody turned Bill on to diet pills, he began to come around more often and play for longer periods of time, and get his nose more open than before.

                  Bill stopped losing checks, I guess his bank got dry, he wanted to play for jewelry. After a few weeks of that, he didn't show for a few weeks, when he did Tee asked where you been, He said I got held up and robbed for a lot of jewelry.

                  He really pumped the pool room up, I even got some of it. A lot of the winners started playing each other.

                  Soon pool players were showing from all around.

                  Rodney Stephens.
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                    Parkers action

                    Quite a few pool players were in town, Fats, U.J. Puckett, cannonball, and Freddy Sessions. Danny Jones and Jack Terry were traveling together, they just came in from San Antonio.

                    Fats recruited a millionaire stakehorse, who later opened the LeCue downtown,
                    he was partners in a room in the Village but no action there. I believe that's where he met Fats, Fats had talked him into letting him do an exhibition out there.

                    Fatty barked and growled and finally Puckett got some partners to put him in action, and agreed to play one pocket at the guys home, a 7000 sq. ft. mansion.

                    The next day I came work, fats came in about noon, I went over and asked how the game went, He started to tell his story when the front door opened and in walked Puckett.
                    Fats squeezed my thigh and whispered wait till he can hear. As U.J. got closer fats raised his voice and said, yeah me and puckett had an appointment to play at this rich guys house at 7:30 last night. Puckett came dragging in at 8:15.
                    He looked like he was stomping out forest fires with each foot. He had so little class, if the guy would've have a swimming pool in his living room, Puckett would've pissed in it. Puckett was a big tough guy but he just shook his head.

                    Fats next game was with Cannonball, J.C. Had a good stakehorse named Joe Reese. I didn't get the run down from fats, but heard from someone he said cannonball my A$$, when I got through with him they were calling him B B.

                    I became friendly with Joe Reese, he was a black pimp, had all the bling, a diamond heart shaped pin with a 3 carat stick pin that fit inside it, many heavy gold chains, a diamond Rolex. Joe bought a pool room, a while later I heard he bought a drug store, then a semi and then another. I quit parkers and started on the road, didn't see Joe for 12 or so. years I ran into him at the race track in La.

                    He said Stevie, I heard you made a lot of money, I said yeah I even managed to keep a little of it, But Wow look at you Joe. He was wearing a conservative Gray pinstripe suit, black lizard boots, a short haircut and a classy gold watch, no diamonds. He said I've no need for the flash anymore.
                    The next I saw about him was an article and picture in the paper. It said he'd been accidently shot and rushed to the charity hospital, they saved his life.
                    The picture was him presenting the director of Ben Taub Hospital a check for $100,000.00.


                    Rodney Stephens.
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                      Johnny "cannonball" chapman

                      I played him a lot when nothing was going on, the game was 9 ball, I got the break and 8 to 5 on the money on the 4 x 8 table I played on all the time.
                      We usually broke about even at this game.

                      He was one of the two best rackmen I've ever seen. He would go three rails for position when stopping would've been good enough, he was using a 24 oz cue and he liked to shoot hard. He was the opposite of Don Watson, who made everything look so simple.

                      I had never seen much bank pool, I watched him give freddy Sessions 11 to 8 and the break and win, Freddy banked well, I didn't think J.C. had a chance, it was a tough game, they played a couple of days.

                      A new pool player came in, he had a funny looking eye, he seemed to play well, but only wanted to play real cheap. Jack Terry knew him and staked him to play the kid Barefoot Whitey, Whitey took him right off for a hundred or two and the guy quit and left. Jack was hot as a jalenpeno, he told me that's One Eyed Hank
                      From San Francisco and he's a lot better player than Whitey. I think he just tossed my money off.

                      Hank came back in a couple of days and beat a guy or two that had watched him play Whitey, then told Whitey, C'mon I'll play some more and busted Whitey, Jack was steaming and I thought trouble, but no, Jack was trying to play Hank and Hank was asking for some kind of spot. Jack finally gave up and left.

                      I also think he tossed Jacks money off.

                      Rodney Stephens.
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                        more T.J

                        I was working day shift, all was quiet, when the barmaid came in, she said the night girl had called her and told her that a scuffle had happened last night.
                        I ask several people but the day crowd and the night crowd were different and no one had heard anything.

                        Tee came in about noon, I hinted something had happened and ask him what?
                        He said the night girl came out and said some guy was acting wild and knocking balls off the bar table and generally being an obnoxious pain.

                        He said, I went in the kitchen and looked through the old serving slot and saw she was right. This guy was about your size, but had muscles in his ears. I said like me? he said you'd look like Don Knotts beside this guy. So what happened ?

                        He said I went in but stayed behind the bar, told the guy he had to go.
                        he wanted another beer, I said you're not welcome here, get your ass out.
                        he cursed and raised hell but finally went to the door.

                        It was a big heavy door with no handle or knob and it was hung backwards. You pushed on it to go out.

                        Tee said the guy pushed on the wrong side, it didn't budge and the guy spun around and said, you MF's got me locked in here.
                        Tee walked from behind the bar and said, no no it's not locked you pushed the wrong side.

                        Tee said the guy pushed the other side and the door opened, The guy turned and said F--k all you Texas MF's. Tee said I blasted him and followed him but he was out.
                        I looked around the parking lot and saw a car with Iowa plates, I figured that's probably that corn fed looking SOB's car.
                        I got Bobby Joe and Jasper to help me carry him to the car and lay him on the hood.
                        I went out about an hour later and he was gone.

                        As Paul Harvey would say "Now the rest of the story"
                        The joint filled up and Bobby Joe came in, I asked him about it ?
                        He said when Tee hit the guy he landed on the hood of a car parked out front.
                        Bobby said he and Jasper ran to the door and one of the guys loafers was sitting right in the doorway.
                        Jasper told the same story next time I saw him.

                        BTW The walkway along the front was about 3 feet or more wide.


                        Rodney Stephens.
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                          Short road trip

                          I was at the LeCue, looking for a game and burning the rubber practicing.
                          In comes a guy from the 19th street pool room, who I had played cheap 9 ball a few times. His name was Charlie Barber, he played pretty well, but under me.

                          We start talking and he tells me he just got back from some small town in Mississippi. The story was they played six ball on a snooker table all day $10.00 a ball and double on the 7ball. You should've been with me, I won about $500.00, I couldn't beat a couple of guys, they'd be perfect for you and they were trying to bet higher.

                          He was a bricklayer, he said I've been working on my dad's place, I came home for a couple of days and I'm going back tomorrow, why don't you come with me?

                          I said why don't we go tonight, I like driving at night and I'm not sleepy, If you want to go now I can help you drive. He said yeah man that sounds good, I've got my stuff in my truck.
                          I said we'll swing by my house, pick up a bag and hit the road, let me call my wife and have her pack some stuff for me.

                          I called home, woke the wife, told her I going to take a trip to make some money,
                          Please pack a bag for a week or so. She wasn't too mad, but said I could've called earlier.

                          When I got back to the bar in the pool room, Three or four guys are arguing with and laughing at Charlie, I asked a guy what's up? Charlie had said he had a rabbit that could whip a german shepard, and would bet on it.

                          I don't know what happened, I spun around and beat it out to the hallway and called my wife, I said Baby I'm really sorry to wake you again, please unpack, I miss you already I can't bare the thought of leaving home so soon, I'll be right there..

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                          Rodney Stephens.
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                            Ty was talking about the oil boom in oklahoma in the late 20's, I asked if he made any money there? He said I made a fortune, I said you were in the oil business ?
                            He said no, I made it selling phoney oil leases. wow thats grand, what did you do with all that money? He said I spent it all buying oil leases, that turned out to be phoney, hell everybody wanted to be a rich oil man.

                            I asked about Farmer Brown, old time snooker and one pocket player that I knew, they had been road partners at one time. Matter of fact he said, we were hustling around Tulsa about that time. Was a guy owned a upstairs pool room that would gamble up. Brown and I hung there trying to get a cinch prop where we could make a big score from this guy. I won a lot of short money, but couldn't get his tit in a wringer.

                            There was a mule skinner that came in every day, dirty overalls, chew dripping down his chin, name of
                            Longgoode, he was illiterate.

                            We took him over to our room every day for a week and taught him how to spell Hippopotamus and ticonderoga.

                            When we were sure he was ready, we went up to the pool room one morning and asked if anybody had seen Longgoode, we had a shill who spoke up and said I saw him downstairs a half hour ago, standing on the corner reading the newspaper.

                            Well the owner went nuts, he said are you crazy, he can't read and write, our shill just shrugged and walked on down the stairs.
                            Brown said you're the one that's crazy, Longgoode is a well educated man, he could probably spell Hippopotamus or I don't know, ticonderoga probably.

                            Well the owner said, you can stand on your head and bet everything that falls out if you think Goody can spell one of those. Game on.

                            Ty and Brown put up most of their bankroll, the owner sent a couple of customers to find Goody, they found him and brought him upstairs to the pool room.
                            They got the rules straight one more time, Ty's winking at Goody and the owner says, ok Goody let me hear you spell Hippopotamus.

                            Goody nods his head up and down a few time and then spells T i c o n d e r o g a
                            Money gone !

                            More Ty to come later.

                            Rodney Stephens.
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                              More Ty

                              I asked if they were ever able to win anything from the guy?
                              He said they left town and went a few places to play pool and cards, finally made a score playing golf.

                              They returned to Tulsa and found the owner and a few gamblers were standing on the street downstairs, betting on the license plates of the cars coming around the city square. He said they rented an old house some miles out of town and kept hanging around the guy, also playing a little pool and golf.

                              Cars were a fairly new thing, Ty said i even had one, there were a lot of them around oil rich Tulsa, so there was plenty of action betting on the plates.

                              Ty said 6 or 8 weeks later he was driving into town early, saw an older fellow with a mule pulling a mid sized wagon full of water melons. He waved the guy down and asked how many melons in the wagon, The fellow said I don't know exactly about 75 or so.
                              Ty asked what would you charge me to count them, he said well that's a lot of work. Ty said I'll give you $25 and I'll help you, Deal.

                              Ty said , if you'll kill an hour, then go to town, drive around the city square till I wave you off, there's a good chance you'll make some more money. How much ?
                              Maybe what you made this morning. deal

                              Ty went to town, had coffee, sure enough the gang had banked up on the corner, betting on the plates, he went over and started betting also.

                              In a while the mule and wagon came around the square, Ty said I'll bet I can get closer than anybody to guessing how many melons are in that wagon, no takers.
                              Well then I'll bet I can guess within 10 melons? no takers.

                              You lucky rascals saved your money, When I lived in Hempstead Texas, I had a wagon just like that one, I know exactly how many melons it will hold.

                              The owner said you got me son, you've trapped yourself again, just get all you want to bet up here, the rest of the guys joined in. Ty gave a wad of money to brown and told every body to post up, except the owner, he told him I know you're ok. Now they're all looking for the wagon and here it comes again, Ty runs out and waves the guy down.

                              Ty says hum, packed like that those wagons will hold 68 melons.
                              Every body but the owner was helping unload the wagon and stack them on the side of the street.

                              Ty said the owner called him over and asked how much he'd settle for, Ty said no discount, the owner pulled out his cash and started counting, he shook his head, said you finally got me and started laughing, the rest of the group didn't take it as well.

                              I don't think Ty cared, he was about as dangerous as anyone.

                              Rodney Stephens.
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                                Bar pool

                                I remember telling this story to LSJohn and think I may have posted it before on our site, It's been awhile. Some of the newer members have messaged me and encouraged me to "keep'em coming". I'm running short of memories so I'll tell it

                                I got a call from Andy Oguien (sp), a stakehorse of his wanted a player to come to Amarillo to play, with a chance to win big. I had short bankroll so I asked andy to send a couple of hundred to me in Dallas, to show good faith I was on my way.
                                He said fine.

                                I had just met Tall Jimmy and we had hit it off, so I asked him to come along.
                                We picked up the cash at Western Union in Dallas, and went by the Cotton Palace.
                                No pool there but I saw Slim Burrows, I asked about spots on our way. He said try the Cottage Lounge in Wichita Falls, and we hit the road.

                                We found the Cottage Lounge about 3 pm, went in and ordered beer, I asked the barman if anyone would play pool 3 or 5 a game, he said hang on I'll see, he went over to a table with two couples and a bootle of booze.

                                He came back, said the owner will play 9 ball for $5 a game, game on.

                                We began to play and this guy, he introduced himself as Jabbo. got a lot of great rolls and was 5 games winner in a flash. He said bet $10, I said no no, if I ever get even I'll bet $20. while talking I figured out, he thought we were from the Air base
                                there, Jimmy looked real young, had a short haircut, I guess that's where he got it.
                                He absolutely let me get even, When even, he said $20 again and I said, sure.

                                The rolls turned and the balls laid easy every game and I'm 6 games winner in record time, he went over and got ice and didn't bother with mixer, straight whisky. He says, bet $30, I said ok, and played really well, no stall. I won 5 more games and it was over.

                                We finished our drinks and got up to leave, Jabbo stands up and says I'll arm wrestle you for a hundred. This guy's built like a coke machine.
                                No thanks, I'm not an arm wrestler.

                                How bout I just fight you for all I'm loser?
                                I walked over to the pay phone, I said no but I'll tell you what, the last guy I
                                played wanted to fight, maybe I get him over here for you?

                                He looked like he was getting really mad, then he started chuckling and shaking his head.
                                Jimmy and I beat feet outta there.

                                Rodney Stephens.
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