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    It is late spring of 92. Trinity Meadows ,just west of Fort Worth,opened the year before. I had the misfortune of a "friend" introducing me to the track. I am 30 years old,single with a smoking hot girlfriend,new car,and nice apt. I worked hard and played harder. Plenty of good meals and spirits. Haven't been introduced to 1pkt yet,but I played plenty of pool. Always out to have a good time so never gamble serious money as it would be like work.
    First time to the track had the misfortune of making a little money. No clue about handicapping but boy was I eager to learn! Six months of losing,referred to as learning, got me to the track mid thursday afternoon. I had league play on the west edge of town that night.There was a horse named I Do So running in the 5:15 race. Got off work early and headed to the track.Going to take em off with my handicapping prowess!Make a killing then go play pool and celebrate just how "smart" I was.
    I drive the short distance west head into the track. Look at the toteboard see they are in the 4th race and the track is listed as "muddy"? Two problems,they should be in the 6th race and it is a beautifull sunny day.
    Trinity ran a mixed card ,thorobreds and quarterhorses.I had zero interest in the races other then the 7th. so I wandered around in front of the finish line to see which degenerates I knew.Saw a man named Terry who was a good handicapper so I asked him about the muddy track. He responded that there was a real heavy cloudburst and the races were delayed accordingly. He was not having a good day and asked me about quarterhorses in the 5th. I gave him 4 horse,half the field, and said I would box these for a 24dollar exacta. He said well they re all price horses might just work.He and his partner cashed a nice ticket. He says wow how about this 6th race? I said box these 4. Asked how much I made on the last race? I replied firing short money only got 1 barrel waiting on my race. His patrnership cashed again only had to go to the IRS window this time! They thanked me for the picks,made a grand off the 2 races,and offered to buy me a 4dollar beer to show their gratitude.
    So my race is ready. My horse is supposed to be around 8/1 and opens at 3/1. Not a bad sign but I was looking for a better price. These are 7500 claimers and sometimes a horse remembers that he is related to Secretariat. One horse really scares me. Flippem Palace is a dog who only wins on muddy tracks. He is 35/1 so I have to throw a little on him. Race goes off my horse wins by 3,Flippem is a clear 2nd! Photo finish for 3rd is the 3rd choice in the betting. I had short money so no tri anyways. 1600 for a buck if I remember right.Cash my win and exacta tickets made about 250 and go to leave . Terry is wandering the parking lot and yells you hit that? I shrugged as I dont know Terry to well and dont want to get rolled.His partner was so happy to win that he left forgetting Terry. He asked and I gave him a ride home as it was on my way. He said he couldnt believe I Do So won that race. I explained how I thought I had the Brazillians!He had 3rd place horse with Flippem as a price said man we should have had that tri.Terry gave me 50 for the ride and couldnt stop talking about how I was a quarterhorse genius.

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    Joe's education

    Let me start by saying I dont have to change names in stories as I can't remember them anyway

    Brookings S.Dak. had a pop. of about 13000. The college,SDSU,had a enrollment of about 7000. Brookings led the nation in beer consumption based on capita. S.Dak still had split liquor,3.2 beer at 18,liquor at 21.

    I was 19,only 5'9" and 180. Wore a 44" coat and 28" slacks.Yes I was mostly shoulders and arms. I worked from 1 or 2 pm till 10:30 or 11 most days. get off work head downtown for beer,cheap pool {8 Ball x Barbox},and hopefully a young college girl.

    The bar I frequented had 5 boxes,3 foosball tables,dart boards and a few pinball/arcade games. Usually close to equal mix of locals and college kids.70's rock was all they played. Pretty mellow place really especially since they overserved everyone.

    Joe was a super nice guy . 20 years old 5'10' and probably 40 pounds heavier then me. He had tree trunks for legs,I had branches. He was playing football but he told me he wasnt big enough,or fast enough to do much more then play practice squad. Was going to school on a scholarship so he was no dummy.

    I played pool,Joe would come down with some drunken jackoffs who were always causing trouble. No real fights,just poor manners and alcohol impaired judgement. Joe and I talked a little as we were both chasing "Kelly" and neither having any success. I told Joe these friends of yous are going to get you in trouble. He replied he was to smart to get in trouble.

    It was hot and muggy night when I got downtown. the bar was real busy for a weds. night. Bar was in the basement on main street. AC couldnt keep up so front and back doors were open. Extra help had been called, the 2 stoners who were working the doors. I saw Kelly and a large group of girls,Joe and his jackoff friends.

    Joe approached me said notice Kelly's butch haircut? I replied yes , why is she wearing a suit? He informed me Kelly and another girl had gotten married. No same sex marriage so they both dressed as men and went in front of the Judge who was a old man hard of hearing and rather blind. 2 men who spoke like women pissed him off enough that he didnt know what to do so he married them.

    The girls were really loud and boisterous. Jackoffs were well pickled,place was too damn hot. One of the jackoffs staggered into 1 of the girls who spilled beer all over a couple of other patrons not with either group. Person who got the beer bath exclaimed excuse me, and then called both f*****s.

    The stoned doorguy came over to the jackoff ,who was then running his mouth , and told him he had to leave. Guy didnt like this turn of events and told the stoner to f'off. Now I still don't know enough to stay out so I grabbed the jackoff by the hair on the back of his head and 1 arm. told him the man said go! Marched him out the door.

    Joe was back from all this but he had seen it. Kelly was talking to him and the other jackoffs. I looked him straight in the eye and thought we were cool as he just turned away. Kelly came over and said Joe is going to kick your ass!

    I had enough drama so I started to put my cheap import cue away before it got broken and so I could leave.Here comes Joe and he aint happy. 4or 5 jackoffs behind him. They are going to f me up.

    I had the butt of my cue in my hand still. Joe said you will need more then that to hit me with. I told him there is only you I am concerned about and I wont hit you with this. He lunged at me and I stabbed him dead center in the chest. I stuck him hard enough to stand him straight up. He staggered backwards and In pure shock told his group to let me go.

    I never saw Joe again. The jackoffs still came around but steered clear of me. Kelly told me Joe told her his mom always said stay away from the bars.
    I guess this was just part of the "schooling" for Joe.
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      Winston , he is a bad man.

      About 8 years ago I went into Rusty's Arlington about 11 in the evening. There was a new guy about 30 who had been coming around playing cheap 1 hole. Many of you guys know Don Dodd, Shoes to some,the "dogman" to others. Don always knew what was going on. He told me play the man some 1pkt. Guy is in town for family and learning to play 1 pkt. He then adds, he is from Virginia Beach and he used to play strong 9ball but a shoulder injury has slowed him down.

      I know the guy had been playing and spreading a little bread around. He was no worldbeater. I talked to him and asked what he wanted to do? He replies I been getting beat for 5&10, so how about we play for 40 a game?

      I replied yeah we can do that. Don thought I had the best of it but added he had never seen the guy play for more then 5. So we played. Traded a few games back and fourth. He told me he just couldn't hit the stroke shots for 9ball so he was learning 1pkt. He was a serious player who took his time. Not slow but I play fast so games had a fair pace. Twice I had gotten a couple of games up, and he paid off no problem.

      We'll it's about last call and 2 big drunk white gals come over by us. They get a table and want to play doubles. Two of the black guys that play some 1 pkt were sweating our match, were physically recruited by the girls to play. The girls were bumping and grinding,talking dirty and really enjoying themselves. All the sweaters were laughing with the girls and at the guys.

      So it's after 2 and the liquor is gone. One of the guys has had enough and says no more. One of the girls had been on her phone since they first showed up. She is pissed because her object of desire wont answer her calls or texts.Now it gets interesting. I am still up 4 games,guy wants to press to 60 . Sure why not. We continue to play but the sideshow is cranking up.

      Drunk disappointed chick finds out from the other chick that Winston is home with his wife. Drunk chick ain't happy that Winston has a wife. Bearer of bad news adds she is sleeping with Winston also. More hysteria as Winston is sleeping with 1 more coworker. Yes 3 coworkers. At least 3.

      We were all laughing our asses off. Drunk chick asked the guy who had enough what do you think? He replied that "Winston is a baaad man"!

      For quite some time after that the joke was no matter how bad the people playing around you were, you didn't have to fade Winston's harem.
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        Cowboys and Indians

        S.Dak is almost equally divided in half by the missouri river. That east river/west river divide is much greater then geography.

        My little town had 2 main places that catered to the 18 to 21 crowd with the 3.2 beer. I frequented the LuckyLady which had more pool tables. Rock and roll and top 40 was blasted out of a killer soundsystem. Plenty of college kids frequented for the cheap drink specials.

        The Irish Shanty was frequented by west river people,like the RodeoTeam. Also softball players often gathered there in the summer months.

        I was always trying to make a buck playing pool,chasing girls,and hopefully stay out of trouble. The problem with the first two,they all to often made the staying out of trouble hard.

        I knew some of the rodeo guys from 8ball for a budweiser. I knew softball players because most were local workers or students.

        I went into the Shanty on a hot summer weekend night. The cowboys wete playing dbles 5 a man. I knew one of the players as pretty decent. His buddy was a big tough looking son of a b####. There were 2 Indian boys watching and having a beer. The cowboys and Indians got along and that was anout it.

        I asked the better playing Indian to be my partner and put my quarters up. Ordered a beer and the bartender,who I knew, commented you dont come in here often. Looking to play some pool.

        Our turn came I racked the balls and asked 5 a man right?Bet was confirmed with a shake yes. We won and the next challengers racked the.balls. I asked for our money. My partner turned white and said let it go I'm leaving. I didnt know any better so I asked wth is this?

        I got sucker punched by the tough guy. I staggered and turned to see who/what hit me. Bang I got hit again. I stumbled back a couple of feet. Leaning forward to catch my balance I got hit again. My body was against the wall mounted cuerack. My head rattling around with the cues.

        I grabbed a cue off the wall and in a rage went after my prey. A aluminum ball bat pounded the rail on the barbox and was cocked back towards my head. Bartender was holding the bat and he said no fighting. He told me in a hushed tone I hate those f#$$ guys but let it go. I asked him if we went outside if he would keep me from getting team roped. No your on your own but you can have my bat was his reply.

        Now this guy just hot me 3 times. I am bleeding from my nose and mouth. Its my table and I dont have a partner.i announce its singles 5 a game. Play about 3 games I ask Bart who is 6'5" 350 pounds if this goes down whose side you on? Bart says I wouldnt fight.him if I had too. If you fight him I will stay out of it. He then tells me he has seen this guy tear guys apart he can't believe I am still standing. I loose a game to the good playet from the dbls. and tell him you still owe me 5.

        I left and went into another bar.There I saw some friends who loved to fight. Told them what happened. One of them said we been fighting those guys for 6 years you cant win let it go

        A month later I am back in LuckyLady.playing pool with a group of differant cowboys. One is really drunk ,slurring his speech,wobbly on his feet. I know 1 of the guys quite well he asked about the Shanty. I told my version of the story. The drunk got so upset he tried to hit me. His friends grabbed him and told him to knock it off. The guy started to cry. Those cowboys did n't want a thing to do with their drunk blabbering friend. He was.telling them they had to kick my ass because the tough sob wouldnt sucker punch anyone. The guy I knew best admitted that the sob liked to suckerpunch guys. I left . Never had anymore trouble with the cowboys.I was told by the Shanty owners to stay out.
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          A service call to remember.

          I am a locksmith who makes service calls. Life is much slower here in S.Dak. then it was while I was in The DFW.
          There I got a call for 5pm to go to a house and rekey 3 locks with 4 keys. Job is quoted as 75.00. Well I go a little early hoping to get to the poolhall early.

          Brian is the contact. Knock on the door and to my surprise a very sexy young lady greets me. I am in shock as I ask about Brian. This beautifull young girl flashes a million dollar smile,flips her hair back while posturing her hands on her hips,chest pushed out, and says "he has to work late,I was ansiously waiting for you".

          Now this girl is about 5 5 125 pounds that have been placed ever so perfectly on her darkly tanned body. Blond hair and blue eyes. Yes the devil.

          She says come in and I will tell you what I want. I follow her thru the small house. Trying hard to look in her eyes when she points out what needs done.

          Well 2 doors need.drilled and double key deadbolts installed with new passage.knobs. 1 door needed a wraparound plate and a new deadbolt. This is now a 300 dollar job. I had everything on the truck and got to work.
          She was hanging over me as I worked feining interest in all the details. Her low cut sports bra and super short shorts had me in a agreeable mood so I was "tolerant"!

          She was how they were going to totally redo the house. Asked me about ripping out the center wall. I told her its a loadbearing wall so it can be tricky,ie expensive to do.

          As I was about done with the last.door she came to me and said can you move your van so I can get out of the driveway. I said.No problem but you need to stay till Brian shows up. She.pouted a little and said I dont know when he will be home ,no phone to call him. I used my cell and he said.1 minute.

          Well Brian shows up her hotness gives him a big hug and a kiss and says.goodby I have to go. I thought it a little strange in her car and drove across the yard rather then having me move.

          I am no dummy I could see I was going to have a problem with.Brian so I said show you what I have done for you! After seeing new hardware on the frontdoor he was already getting nasty. I pointed out the rest of the work and gave him that 300 dollar invoice. He stuttered and stammered. I recognized Brian from 1 of our many commercial accounts.

          Brian knew that his girl had gouged him again. That doesnt mean he was happy so I settled him down by reminding him how my company had been doing work for his company for years. I had given him some better prices where I could. He wrote me a check while cussing his golddigger.

          Now I didnt really care for the way Brian was treating me as I had done a great job for him at a fairprice so after I received the.check, I said hey one more thing.

          Walked him back into the house pointed out the wall his girl wanted removed and.said, " my work is going to be real cheap compared to that undertaking." He about lost it!

          6 months later I was in the neighborhood working for a older gentleman. I asked him if he knew his hot neighbor?
          He replied she nearly gave him a heart attack running in next to nothing! The bad news was she moved and Brian was not friendly at all.


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            Action in Dallas

            I was sitting in Clicks Arlington. At about 10pm Bobby"ears" came in and appraoched me. We gambled cheap often so I expected him to ask me to play. He said I have a little over a hundred on me,what are yiu holding? I replied a couple of times that. He said good lets go to CJ's in Dallas. He had a game with a known thru ticket but was short on barrels. We got in my van and drove to Dallas.

            It was raining on the drive over and continued while he played till 4am. We were up a little at 2,closing time,so we had to kick a little to the mngr to allow us to play longer.
            Bobby just couldnt get it going. Around 3:30 played the last game 200 and the time. He won that so we collected and headed out. I was tired so I told him to drive.

            We got back on I-30 made it about 2 miles and came to a stop. Freeway was under construction and it seems the temporary road was 5 foot underwater! Traffic continued to pile up behind us. I layed my seat back and went to sleep. Bobby was pissed he woke me twice in the next 3 hrs to bitch. Finally at 7am they had the traffic behind us cleared out enough that we could drive the wrong way back to a exit and get out of there.