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  • My favorite room

    Here are some pictures of Gold Crown Billiards venue in Erie, PA. This is about 1.5 hour drive from my house. I sure wish it were closer! This room has really come together nicely. I talked to the owners this weekend, and they are very proud of their 30 year project. It's come a long way in the last 8 years, since I first visited.

    Check out the open atrium between the lower level of Andy's Pub (name of the lower level area) and the upper level (known as the Bullfrog bar). Down below are 4 diamond bar tables.

    Opposite angle. In the far nook, there are two diamond bar tables. (You can barely see them because of the glare.)

    View from Peach Street entrance. On the main floor, there are 8 9' tables in sight. There is a loft with 3 9' tables. Below it is a lowered area with 4 9' tables.

    Another view of the loft and lowered section. To the left out of sight, there are two more 9' tables, along with a 3C table and two diamond bar tables.
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    My favorite room

    Wish our Members tourney can make it here one year!
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      My favorite room

      Made another visit to Gold Crown in Erie, PA. Didn’t bring home any hardware, but i brought back a picture of the main entrance.

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