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  • Hairless

    After reading about Scott knocking his tip off during the big match and people breaking their sticks in frustration i recounted this story.

    This one is a local classic that gets reminisced here a lot. I'm at the hall after league night and another local who drinks quite a bit challenges me to some 50 a game 9 ball. He plays a little better than me so we go back and forth about the spot. Anyway we come up with some crazy spot that he gets the 6 ball and i get the 7-8. Well he thinks he has me trapped. But he's also drunk and can't get to the 6 ball... After losing a few games he decides i'm much too sober and he can out drink me and beat me that way. Good plan.. He offers to buy but i don't well he throws a little hissy when i decline a beverage and inform him i don't drink and now he's aware he's in trouble.

    After thinking he has the nuts regardless, we continue to play and after him dogging to many shots i'm up seven games. After missing a pretty easy 6 ball he starts screaming and grabs two big hand fulls of hair and pulls them straight out of his head! Well we are all dropping our jaws at this incredible feat and he takes his real nice Predator and hits it on the edge of the table at the joint but it doesn't break. Knowing the owner was about to toss him he takes his stick outside and we can hear him wearing it out on the corner of the cinder block building. A few mins later comes back in without his cue, calmly pays me and leaves. So we go outside and he must have busted that thing in a hundred pieces. And lost two clumps of hair he couldn't afford to loose. lol We didn't see him for a year after that....