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  • Billiard ball cleaner

    This is my second try at a billiard ball cleaner. The first one was just a 5 gal bucket with a orbital buffer mounted upside down.

    This time I will still use the orbital buffer but the pad will be replaced with a 1" thick 15" diameter wood round table top. I will have a pad on it and another piece of wood with padded cutouts for the balls, all enclosed in a box which I hope will make it much quieter.

    I built the box tonight and stained it. Tomorrow I should be able to do the rest - re-wire switch of buffer to use a light switch that I'll put on the side of the box, mount the buffer/round base, set the pads, hinge the lid. Then we'll see if it works like I hope.

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    Billiard ball cleaner

    Update: after I put this together and turned it on it rattled quite a bit because, despite my best efforts, I must have mounted the bracket slightly off center. That or the wood just isn't perfectly in balance. Anyway it rattled for a few seconds then shut off. I must have damaged the motor. It was just a cheap orbital buffer, but I figured it was worth a try.

    My dad worked at a place assembling motors for 20+ years, so we rooted through his garage and he found a motor for me to try out. It's a 1/6 HP 1750RPM 120V. He explained to me how to use different sized pulleys to reduce the RPMs, and he had a 3" and a 5" so I'll try that but we both think I might need to reduce it more. I just need to figure out where to go to get mounts, shafts, and the right size belt. This is fun doing something that I've never done before. I won't stop until I get it right. Hopefully by that time I still am saving $ doing it myself, lol.