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    First pup born around 5.Expecting at least 5. That is what ultrasound showed.
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    So Anna gave birth to 9 healthy little pups. 5 males and 4 females.3 females are already spoken for. The first 48 hours are the most critical in a pups life so fingers crossed. Tails docked and first shots on Friday.
    Tails are docked for a real reason ,not a whim. Field dogs,pointing field dogs, whip their tales to a bloody mess when hunting heavy cover. This eliminates that problem. Tails will remain to grow to about 6" so the dog can still,body posture,and use the tail for balance.


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      So it is below zero and pups need to make 50 minute trip to the vets. How do you keep them warm?

      Well my cousin has been raising dogs here for the last 30 years so I know he will bring the pups in good shape. Here is his puppy transport method. Its a small cooler which he runs hot water into,lets it sit so it warms up. Empties the water,towels it dry. Place a plush towel in and add puppies.Cover goes on while outside. Cover off or open when out of the cold.
      Funny thing about the vet visit. My cousin raises Vizslas . They are Red in color. He made the appointment so vet expects Vizslas. After docking and dew claws removed I am talking to the vet. I asked him if the Vizsla pups are tigerstriped at birth. He is really confused and tells me "I am sure these dogs will turn red for you. Jen's has great dogs." I laughed and assured him these are Weims not Vizslas. He replied he was a little concerned.
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        Pups turned 7 weeks old on Valentines day. Weds. I

        went and brought the 2 home I plan to keep. May

        not keep both just have to see. My buddy in

        Texas hit me with a zinger the other day when he

        asked " How much do you have in those 8 pups?"

        Got to figureing out loud and he said"Quit there I am

        no longer interested in raising a litter."

        Here is Reba and Dealio 1" snow on the ground here

        now,but they do go outside to play/potty.
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          This pup couldn't hope for a better home.
          4 males left to rehome.
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            The little female went to this family. They raise Englush Bulldogs. Had a Weimaraner before the kids and decided their 3 boys needed a field companion. These dogs have webbed feet and most love to swim. They have a swimming pond/ ice rink.
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              So last night I recieve a text message from a woman who has a puppy from my puppies sire.
              Seems her dog has a enlarged heart and the breeder has agreed to buy the pup back but has blocked any further communication with the breeder/kennel.

              Her intent in contacting me was twofold
              1 warn me about the sire and the breeder.
              2 see if I had a male pup for sale

              I told her I had open communication with the breeder and my pups were pretty good. Told her I have 4 males for sale. Asked if they had a family/kids? No just her and her husband on 7 acres. Previous Weim owners. Explained to her I have a large male who I would really like to place with a family ad he is so docile when held or being handled. He will still run behind you and bite your pantleg��
              Talked over the dogs with her and her husband who had joined the conversation. No they wanted the big docile male. Offered to give them 200 off the other dogs,nope they want the big boy.
              Today I took the big boy Blue,into the vet and had them check him out after I gave them a little history.
              He is fine. Vet says he has a very big,very full tummy he isnt missing any meals.
              So that was great news.
              Sad to say I had to put old hell on wheels,Braiden,down. I have had numerous dogs somehow I have never had to do this before. Damn hard.I will admit to getting choked up.
              Rest in peace girl.
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                Pup no longer fits in the JD
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