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OP Chip Tourney w/ DCC-style Finals

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  • OP Chip Tourney w/ DCC-style Finals

    Easy. Efficient. Flexible. Exciting.

    The best way to run a large one pocket tournament, is to use a Chip format because they are (1) so very easy to run, (2) the most efficient in terms of maximizing table time, and most of all, extremely flexible. All that is needed is to create a waiting list and track wins and losses. Every table will be used for two straight days. Finally, it doesn’t matter how many players you have! No more limitations and worries about dropouts or no shows. You can have a hard schedule with no worry about going over.

    This proposal is for a 3 day modified chip tourney, but can work just as well for a two day event.

    Day 1 and Day 2 are about getting everyone a lot of play, so everyone gets an unlimited numbers of (virtual) chips, and the winners can stay on a table twice (that’s 3 consecutive games in a row max), after that, the next two players on the waiting list will go to that table. Otherwise, as per the norm, losers (always) go on a waiting list (and can grab a bite/drink/smoke/bathroom stall/etc...). TD would keep track of the W-L record as apart of the waiting list. At the end of Day 1, at a designated time, play would be suspended until the following day, player names and the tables they are on would be jotted down so that Day 2 could pick up exactly where everyone left off. Just finish out the games once the call is made by the TD.

    The top 8 qualify for the Day 3 Finals, all finalists are given 3 chips (automatic buybacks) and are initially seeded based on W-L record from previous days. Each subsequent round will be random draw.

    When one or more players is eliminated, random draws (pills or cards) will determine the matchups for the next round. This should be familiar as this is how the end of the Derby City Classic events finish.

    The folks who don’t qualify on the final day can choose to enter a sudden death consolation DCC style tourney but with no buyback, entry fee and payouts TBD.
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    Below is an example of a waiting list for a 17 player chip tourney, using 4 tables, and a 3 game max rule. Iterations are kept to ensure all players are given the same number of opportunities. An iteration is when a player gets called up to a table and has the opportunity to hold it as long as he can (in the example mentioned, up to 3 total games). This will prevent people from leapfrogging past others with fewer opportunities due to variance in length of games.