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    Besides loving one hole, I have loved music my whole life!

    I remember being a kid sitting on our basement stairs watching my dad sing as the front man in one of his many bands he was in. I am sure it's what got me interested in singling and music and have enjoyed it ever since.

    I don't have much time to practice or play much any more but I do plan on getting some home recordings in before my voice is completely gone!

    Almost 25 years ago, when I was about 23 or 24 I played in a local cover band for a few years and we did all top 40, rock, alternative rock and anything that was hot on the radio at the time. It was a blast but eventually got burned out, met my wife and the rest is history.

    I did find our old 3 song demo CD that we used to hand out to venues in order to get new bookings so I thought I would share. We did this at a buddy's studio in one day with multiple takes.

    These all 3 are cover songs. The only thing I did on these recordings were the main vocals. There are some background vocals too from our bass player and/or guitarist.

    One - Originally by Creed

    3 AM - Originally by Matchbox 20

    Inside Out - Originally by Eve 6

    Enjoy ~

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    Most of you old farts probably don't know those songs (maybe some do), but here is another one I did in my basement. The music was done by someone else, then sent to me and I recorded the main vocals and then also did the back up vocals / harmonies over top of it.

    At least a more mellow tune and one that may be more familiar.

    Wicked Game Orignally by Chris Isaak

    Thanks for listening and sharing Bill ~