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  • On Site Visits of GBE2016

    10th China Guangzhou Billiards Exhibition (Mar.9-11)
    ---- On Site Visits of GBE2016
    Every single day there must be some things happening,
    every path there comes a section of journey,
    And every thing is worth the wait.

    We started our on site visits of first-tier manufacturing enterprises of GBE2016 in September, 2015 and benefited a great deal.

    The first stop: Taishan
    Overseas Chinese hometown Taishan is the birthplace and popular site of billiards manufacturing enterprises.
    Though some brands such as SBY Billiards, B.L.P., Jing Gong Billiard and so on, became less famous than they were before, however, persistence and innovation for generations will definitely keep the brands’ quality as well as public praise.
    Visited enterprises:
    LEO Billiards, B.L.P., Jing Gong Billiard, Weichster, Meilin Billiards, Jiansheng, Diliya Billiards, Quanxing, Jiaruihua

    The second stop: Shenzhen
    AS a prosperous city, Shenzhen is a production and trade area for billiards industry.

    Visited enterprises:
    Xing Jue, HN, Gento, Cobra, SZX, Unique

    The third stop: Dongguan
    Known as "the factory*of*the*world", Dongguan is one of the largest manufacturing bases in China. Besides, there are a lot of enterprises involving production, operation and sales, specializing in the production and accessories of billiards in China.

    Visited enterprises:
    Haokang, Taili, Xiangfa Sports, Meijia Leather, J·Flowers, Zhupiter, Sunny, Sunray, Jiaji, Jinzhuo, Hamson

    The forth stop: Foshan
    Since the “Guangzhou-Foshan Urban Integration”, Foshan has played more and more important role in billiards industry.
    Visited enterprises:
    Shender, Wiraka, s100, Shark

    The fifth stop: Zhongshan
    As one of the “Four Guangdong Tigers”, Zhongshan is the hometown of Dr. Sun Yat-sen with developed light industry.
    Visited enterprises:
    Rising Dragon Billiards, Zhiduoxing, Kingqi, Guldcn, Aojue, Mingtai

    The sixth stop: Guangzhou
    Guangzhou is the home court of GBE2016.
    Visited enterprises:
    Master, KMK MEZZ, Gentlesheep Textile, Junjue, Yili, Junhao, Xinjue Pool Table

    The seventh stop: Jiangxi
    We had attended the Opening Ceremony of China Yushan De Er Le Cup 2015 1st China Billiards World Championship held earlier this year had surprised the whole billiard industry and then visited the factory of Rasson.

    Visited enterprises:
    Rasson, Phoenix, Huayue, Jiuxing, Cerambuy, Xing Pai, Junyao, Buffalo, Musashi

    The eighth stop: Shengfang, Hebei Province
    Shengfang is another production base of billiards mainly for the domestic market with about 40 manufacturing factories. Moreover, the manufacturing industry in Shengfang is more intensive and advanced than that of Taishan.

    Visited enterprises:
    Xingbao, Jianda, Guo Gang, SNK Maple, Mingyang billiards, Dasun, Gorley, Songshan, BJ, Guoqiang, Juxing, Yongqiang, Kangda, Wuying, Guodong, Xingru, Shuanglong, Sanxing, Jinda, Hengxing, Xinxing, Lijian, Heming, Fusheng, Lnsiluo

    The ninth stop: Beijing and Jinan
    Visited enterprises:
    Xing Pai, Lingyu, MY147, Blue Adam, LONGONI, Guyun, Qixing, Laowang, Feiyue, Turning Point, Scotex, Yashi. Yalin, Dingpinshengshi, TOP147, Baosida, Y.C, AIM, Youze

    The tenth stop: Zhejiang
    Jiangsu and Zhejiang area is famous for business since the ancient times.

    Visited enterprises:
    Chaoli Sports, Chamberlain, Jianying Billiards, Anton, Jiankun Pool Cues, Boci Pool Cues, Kangchao Pool Cues, Kangkong, Kangdi, Hongyi, Bestcues, New Star

    After the above visits, we have a better understanding of the advanced machines and skillful technicians as well as products.
    Besides, since it was a hastily scheduled visit, we are sorry for other enterprises that we had not visit and hope you understand.

    Chinese billiards is always on the move.

    Contact us:
    GBE Committee
    Phone: +86 15876558395
    Fax: +86 20 82579220