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Efren's display in the 2006 DCC semi-finals

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    Looks like the 3 ball bank is the best and safest shot. But as an alternative draw off the 5 and go behind the 1 thereby 3 railing the 4 ball.


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      I went back and reviewed the match and looked a little more closely at the ball locations and the count for the last rack when Efren makes a fantastic thin cut for shape -- I had it slightly miss-drawn earlier I still might have it a little miss drawn, because now it doesn't look as thin as it does on the video -- oh well.

      Anyway, here is his run of 6 balls in the final rack. (On the new cuetable -- this diagram has 9 pages) -- edit only 7 pages

      This was the only rack in two straight matches that he didn't run all the way out in just one inning every game! Something like a total of 44 balls in a row of run-out one pocket!! Over those six games, he had one intentional scratch forcing him to run 9 & out, and I believe three games where his opponent gave him a ball so he only needed 7 & out. Those five games plus six more balls gets to the 44.

      Incardona called it the greatest performance ever in the finals of a One Pocket tournament.

      Efren just rolled over Jason Miller, even though he did miss that one bank. Against Pagulayan though, there were several great exchanges of safeties, plus Alex made a ball on one of his breaks, so it was a little more of a match, even though Efren did end up running all the way out three straight games.

      Here is the Accustats link for the dvd -- only $26, I would consider it a classic!!
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