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Great video for one-pocket

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  • Great video for one-pocket

    I bought Willie Joplings video "Ultimate One Pocket" recommend it highly.Lots of info.Knowing these shots will improve your win percentage.I will post some of these shots on the forum in the near future.Probably somebody will use them against.

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    Even though Jopling is known for his trick shots, his One Pocket tape actually takes a more basic and conservative approach to many situations -- just like the game itself calls for! Oh, he's got some tricky shots on there for sure, but you can tell he advocates the traditional solid style of play that is intended to deny opponents a shot first, before you start looking for something aggressive...
    "One Pocket, it's an epidemic and there ain't no cure."
    -- Strawberry Brooks


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      One Pocket Tapes

      I purchased Willie Joplin's "Ultimate One Pocket" tapes and book directly from him in June 2004.
      They are great for a beginner or advanced player. I keep going back to them for reference.
      They have given me an inside edge in playing safe in 8ball also.
      I highly recommend these tapes!

      "The best move in One Pocket is eight and out!"
      -Ronnie Allen-