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2004 Derby City Accustat tapes

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  • 2004 Derby City Accustat tapes

    I just viewed all the one pocket tapes from Accustats from the 2004 Derby. GET THEM! For any one hole fan this is the next best thing to being there. There are 6 Efren Reyes tapes and you will learn a lot just by watching. The commentary is also great with Danny Diliberto. The premier match to get is the Billy Palmer/Efren match. The first Efren gets a little sloppy and Billy beats him unexpectedly. Then Efren comes back refreshed and with determination and just beats Billy. The interesting thing is not just shot selection and technique but when you watch these matches in order you see the mental approach as well. How the pressure of a big match changes your game and how a great player like Efren can apply the heat when he has to.

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    I think there were two matches between Efren and Plamer in the DCC, and only one was committed to DVD. Well, I have the DVD and it is really disappointing compared to other matches...both players are sloppy for guys that are supposed to be super good (champs).

    The best one-pocket tapes I have ever seen are any of the ones from the Roanoke One Pocket Tournament.