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    Bhappy to furnish you with my new book but it's going slow, have quite a few things going on in my life and have kept the book on the back burner, actually started typing it on Microsoft word on my computer from my rough hand written draft. Cleaning it up as I type. Hopefully I will publish it by next summer and I'm planning a book tour, maybe two, one on the west coast and then the east coast with some vacationing thrown in there. The west coast will be my first tour and I will personally try to hand deliver you a copy or meet you at the local pool room where I plan to have a small book signing if the pool room owners will allow. Plan on going from southern California to Alaska maybe and catch a few halibut and salmon, (IT'S ON MY BUCKET LIST). Some of the post I've made is in my book in a round about way. You won't be a better player after reading the book but hopefully the book will be entertaining to the reader. It's about my short life as a pool hustler in the late sixties and early seventies. A time of true Warriors of the game and the greatest assembly of players ever in the greatest tournaments of all time. The legendary Johnston City tournaments' specifically in 1970 when I won it all. Man was that a cool time for me. I got to play Luther Lassiter and Ronnie Allen in the all around', nine ball, one pocket and straight pool. Race to eleven in nine ball, race to four in one pocket, race to 125 in straight pool and I couldn't spell straight pool,LOL. But I represented myself well and believe the public should be able to read the story someday. After winning the all around in Johnston City there wasn't really any more hills to climb, my goal was to be the best player in the world by 25 years old but with Tall Jeff's, Incardona's and Ronnie Allens out there, LOL, you're never really there, but how exciting it was back in the day of the Hustler, I lived it!

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    jesus h christ.....

    i wish you and tall jeff would both learn to break up paragraphs (i.e. enter/return every now and then)....

    looking forward to your book. just don't pull an alfie taylor on us.... if the book tour takes through STL area, would like to hit em around with you.

    good luck with your endeavors.


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      Dustin, kind of reminds one of Kerouac's method,no? or are you too young/ nice seeing you , you'd been better off playing me


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        Count me in for really looking forward to what you have going Keith!!
        "One Pocket, it's an epidemic and there ain't no cure."
        -- Strawberry Brooks


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          MR. Morrison

          Me too! And I don't care if you put things in paragraph form or not. Just glad for your stories!!
          Mitch needs to remember to play the score and that it's better to win than to look like a hero.


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            looking forward to reading your book...Click image for larger version

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