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  • 2006 DCC One Pocket DVD

    My 2006 One Pocket DVD featuring two matches, Reyes vs. Pagulayan and Reyes vs. Miller arrived yesterday. I attended the DCC this year, but wasn't able to get a good look at the matches (I'll buy VIP seats next year)!

    The Accu-Stats DVDs give you great table perspective though!

    The Reyes vs. Pagulayan match was exceptional. Both players played great, but Reyes came out on top (3-1). Pagulayan made some great shots to get out of Efren's traps, but got nothing but the first game (where he made a ball on the break and ended up winning after Efren scratched).

    The Reyes vs. Miller match showed how well Efren can get out when he has a shot. Miller didn't really put Efren into much trouble and he kept leaving Efren a shot... and Efren got out most of the time!

    Anyone else seen these yet?

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    Originally posted by Samiel
    Anyone else seen these yet?
    Not yet, but I ordered them there at Derby City -- is that what you did? If so, I guess I should be seeing mine soon too. I had forgotten all about pre-ordering those; thanks for the reminder!
    "One Pocket, it's an epidemic and there ain't no cure."
    -- Strawberry Brooks


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      I just received the whole set of the one pocket matches from Accustats for the DCC 2006. I am really disappointed that with all the talent that was there at the Derby Pat Fleming only put out 3 DVD's. Surely if it is too costly for Pat to make the DVD's some young entrepeneur would take it upon himself to tape the matches that Pat does not feel is profitable for him. Even on a one stationary camera with no commentary would satisfy my thirst to view players like Shannon, Marquez, Saez, Hillbilly, Tang Hoa, Schmidt, etc. who were all there. Even Earl played in the one pocket event.


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        Actually, I ordered them about a week ago from Accu-Stat's website... no pre-order here! I'm surprised they didn't send the pre-orders first!

        I will say that most of the matches just went eight and out... I guess I'd like to see a few more uptable battles or squeaking a ball in here and there instead of the opponents just totally selling out...