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George Rood and Rags Fitzpatrick

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  • George Rood and Rags Fitzpatrick

    So on my gradual trip east returning from the US Open 1P in Louisville a couple weeks ago, I stopped at Airway Billiards in Dayton, OH. Dayton is home to many strong players including Jason Miller, Joe Brown, Frank Ruby, and Ryan Stone. Anway, on one of the walls was a rather large tribute (in the form of magazine & newspaper articles, etc) to George Rood.

    I had no idea who George Rood was, but was told that he was a champion straight pool player from the 40s through the 60s who played straight pool as strong as anyone.

    Fast forward a couple of days and I am at Breakers in Pittsburgh, and someone has a small pool magazine with a cover story on George Rood (who is still alive incidentally).

    I read the lengthy article, and the author asks George who the strongest player he ever saw or played was. George's list of opponents included Mosconi and Lassiter, but yet he answered "John Rags Fitzpatrick".

    And George was not even a one pocket player. He was simply referring to the greatest pool players period -- not just at one pocket.

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    Thank you for the up-date, He was a all-around player!! Would you vote for THEM ? I would!!!!! Thanks again, B.J.the bandit


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      I met George last year at the DCC in Louisville. Nice man with a ton of stories.
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