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John Schmidt vs. Chris Gentile

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  • John Schmidt vs. Chris Gentile

    For any of youse guys who don't know of or seen this match-up, it's a pretty good one to watch - some very nice play by both of them...

    This was at the DCC about 5 years ago...I don't remember exactly, but iirc, they were playing 7 ahead for $5,000-$10,000...they played for almost 10 hours and then quit at that point - all even...I was there watching the first few hours and then left and went to bed...

    Tell you one thing - you will not get impatient watching this match - this match is nothing like watching Dennis, Alex, or J.Bergman - John takes about 5 seconds to shoot, and Chris takes about 10 seconds...

    It's on 4 discs - no commentary ---->




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    I had seen part of that match before. There is 1 game when they both need 1 ball and Chris passes up a cut to his hole and instead plays was a routine shot. I cant believe he passed it up