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    IMHO the "Make It Happen" events, especially the One Pocket events are by far the pinnacle of the streamed events! The 6 man invitational format insures that every match will be the quality of a tournament final match! I hope that all of us die-hard pool players will be sure to remember "Accu-Stats" and patronize them. They are not getting rich bringing pool to the shrinking demographics of the pool players, believe me. I just finished watching the "Make It Happen, One-Pocket" and I've got to say it was some of the best pool I've ever watched, and I've been sweating this shit a long time! Those of you who were unable to enjoy stream due to that nastiest of the "four letter words", _WORK_ (thoughts of Maynard G. Crebbs just popped into my head ) I highly recommend that you order some of the matches from the past MIH, one-pocket events to tide you over until Pat has the 2017 matches available on DVD. I learn new things from watching every tournament that Accu-Stats does but especially the "Make It Happen" events!
    Just more hot air!


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