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    Another discord thread?

    Sorry, I have had several members ask me over the last week on how to log in and that it was a bit confusing on parts and I totally get it so here is a quick how to for those who would like to use it:

    As mentioned before if you plan to use it or if you find yourself using it more than you thought you would, I would always recommend just downloading it on your PC (its free), but if you prefer to use in browser, here are the steps.

    Depending on if this is your first visit or if you have already registered, see the appropraite section below.


    STEP 1 - Click the invitation link and accept

    If this is your first time, you will want to click on the invitaion link which is the same link at the top of the website under Live Chat > Register.

    (If you have already done this part skip to "ALREADY REGISTERED" section below)

    Invite Link:

    When you click on the link you should get a screen that looks like this. Fill in your user name and click continue. Try to pick the same one you use on the forums so we can recognize who it is in the channel if/when you decide to chat.

    You also may have to prove you are not a robot by clicking the white check box here:

    STEP 2 - Click Next

    STEP 3 - Registering your account

    This is an important step because this allows you in the future to open up discord and go directly to the server and this may be one of the steps some folks are missing. Enter a valid email and password to register your account.

    STEP 4 - Click Start

    This next screen gives you another chance to download the program or simply click "Start using Discord" in the bottom right to open in your browser.

    STEP 5 - You have arrived!

    Once you click start using discord it should take you right into the server.

    (Please note if you have not registered your email address by going back to your email program and clicking the "Verify Email" link, you should do that now)


    STEP 1 - Visit the Discord website

    STEP 2 - Click Login

    Depending on how long you have been away from your PC, it will sometimes keep you logged in for a while, but if you are not already logged in, click login in the upper right hand corner. You can tell if you are logged in or not because if you aren't, it will say "Login", if you are already logged in, it will say "Open".

    STEP 3 - Enter Credentials

    Enter the email and password you just registered.

    STEP 4 - You have arrived!

    After you are logged in you can either click on one of your recent conversations or click on the logo to go right to the main chat area.

    Once in main chat, the next post is a labeled diagram to show some main components, read below.

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    Main Chat Area - this is where all of the public chat happens. Feel free to participate or just lurk.

    User List - you can see the user list. Since we have over 100 users, it only shows the names when they are online or chatting. If you want to send a PM to that person, just right clcik their name and choose "Message". This takes you to a private conversation between you and that user.

    Conversations - the top button that looks like users will take you to any private conversation you have had with anyone on the server. Simply click their name and read or write. To get back to the main chat area, simoply click the logo under the users button.

    Channels - right now we just have one channel named "General" which may be all we ever need for chatting. You will also see a couple of voice channels I created for later use labeled "General" and "Commentator Room 1" and "AFK". If you click on one of those voice channels, you will join it. While there you could speak or listen to others in there if you had speakers and/or mic connected to your PC. To leave this voice channel look down a little below the channels and you will see a phone with an x on it and it says "Disconnect" when you hover your mouse over it. Click that and you will leave the voice channel.

    Settings - This is where you can edit your name, email, avatar and other general settings.

    Thats pretty nuch the jist of it.

    As always let me know if anyone runs into any issues or has any problems connecting.



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      Thanks cincy!

      I included a link to this in the "How to" sticky also.
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