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    Cue ball is frozen to rail. Shot hits object ball which was not frozen to rail and object ball does not go to a rail. Cue ball contacts rail it had been frozen to. Is this a foul?

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    No foul. After the cue ball hits an object ball, any ball must hit a rail. Any ball.
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      If both the cue ball and object ball are frozen to the same rail then that rail is not-alive for either ball. Unless, the cue ball masse's off the rail contacting the object ball and then the rail, or the cue ball is first kicked off another rail into the object ball and then contacts the rail it was once frozen to. Not-alive means that rail can not be used to make a legal hit unless other requirements are met.

      (Note: this above writing you will not find this in any rules, but if I had the opportunity this is how I would write this legal shot rule! Although I believe it to be correct, it is just that present day rules do not define this scenario in this much detail).

      Otherwise all legal shot requirements must be met when the cue ball and your first intended object ball are frozen to the rail.

      Note; some rules state that when both balls are frozen to the same rail that you can shoot directly into the object ball and thereafter if the cue ball happens to come out of contact with that rail and then somehow comes back into contact with that rail it is a legal hit. I do not agree with this, and is not a good rule!

      Simultaneous Hit; When the object ball is frozen to the rail the cue ball can contact the rail and the object ball at the same time and no other requirement needs to be met. But if you contact the rail just prior to contacting the object ball then a legal shot requirement has to be met. But, when both balls are frozen to the same rail the simultaneous hit rule does not apply!

      note; side rails on the long rail are considered separate rails so an object ball frozen to one side rail can be driven across the side pocket and contact the other side rail. Whitey
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