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Bushwacker passes away

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  • Bushwacker passes away

    Champion pool player, and good friend,Gary Nolan, better known in the pool world as Bushwacker has passed away. He will be greatly missed by many of us.

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    Sorry to hear that. When I was a teen I heard players speak about him with both fear and respect. The few times I spoke with him in person, I thought he was a good man.


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      I am really sorry to hear this.

      When my interest in pool renewed after a self imposed exile for various reasons, I met Gary on AZ. We spoke frequently at a time when I started collecting pool cues. Gary sold me several cues, mostly TAD, and was always fair if not cheap. I later found out through a mutual friend that he was a top speed, not just good but top speed player, especially 9B. I am sure many of you know him.

      More than once I called him in the middle of the afternoon and found him in a game of Texas Hold'em.

      May a good guy rest in peace.


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        So sorry for the loss of another comrade in arms. It's been a tough couple of years for sure. I have never met Gary, but have heard about him for many years. May he rest in peace.


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          Gary was the real deal. great 9 ball player for the large cash.1,ooo a game Saw him play a shortstop giving up the 6 ball lost the first 6 games and turned it around and won 15 straight. Nick Varner said he was one of the greats for the cash. Won a world championship in the early 80's McDermott Championship. R.I.P. Bushwacker.


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            Bushwacker and the Realtor

            Years ago, I heard about a bar spot near Lansing Michigan where a realtor would come in the bar after work and play 9 ball. I heard he wore a red jacket and would lose $1000. I ran into Bushwacker and Bucky Bell at the pool room, so we rode out to the bar. I knew Bushwacker was a champion, but I did not know he was a great actor too.

            We showed up at the bar, and after we sat around a little while, a big guy with a red jacket came in, which is what realtors wore back then.

            I had the table, so I told the guy we were playing for 10, and he beat me one game. Bucky was next. He goofed around and got the guy to raise it, and was up $800. All this time Bushwacker was sitting there drinking and after a while starting stumbling around and making loud derogatory comments when Bucky missed a ball.

            The guy told Bushwacker to shut up or get up and play himself. Bushwacker said oh no, you’re not going to win your money back from me. He said he was the stake horse and could not play at all, and the guy would have to spot him. So they guy started begging him to play. Bush kept saying No no, you’re not going to trick me. The guy finally said, you got the 8, but you have to bet $200. It was beautiful to watch. Bush could have won an academy award for his performance, riding the 8 and 9 like crazy.

            At closing time the guy ran out of cash and said the bar owner would let them keep playing, and he would pay with a check, and his bank would cash it in the morning. So Bushwacker milked him along all night, winning a few and losing a few, giving the guy just enough hope so he would not quit and maybe disappear.

            By the time the bank opened, the guy was $3000 loser, and never knew what hit him.