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    Does anyone know what ever happened to Lotsa Papa and his pal Harry...really good North Carolina one pocket players....used to play at Colliseum Billiards and Baker's in Greensboro, NC. Also, is Don's Billiards still around in Greensboro?

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    Henry "Lotsapoppa" McCloud died several years ago.


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      I heard he had died, but never verified it, lost touch over the years....When I was in college at UNC in the early 90s he and I went on several road trips together....he was quite a character....and a great game maker...I remember getting busted in Baltimore with an 1/8 tank of gas and literally some change from the floorboards, then shooting air barrels to scrounge up some money from every dive in Baltimore back to North Carolina....You could imagine me, a conservative 19 year old college kid and Lotsapoppa at about 6ft 5in and 500lbs walking into a room together!!! Something's definitely up....