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    we have had discussions on eyeware for billiards
    there are places where they will make your prescription specific for pool where the main focus is from 3 feet (cue ball frozen to the rail you in your stance)
    and 12 feet
    pm me if interested


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      After 60 years of playing, I doubt there is going to be much change in my mechanics. It is what it is. What I am working on is the mental aspects of the game, mainly focus and strategy. Tom Wirth's book has provided a wealth of information and food for thought. After studying a situation and reviewing the options, I jot down notes on how I might incorporate some of the concepts in my game.

      Before I go to play a match I review my notes, then after the match I critique how I used them. One example,, "When you have an opponent in a trap, keep him there." My natural tendency was to try to run as many balls as possible, but I sometimes let my opponent off the hook. Better to pass up a shot and keep the trap set. Easier said than done for a nine ball player!
      (A recovering 9 ball player)