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    I took my shot to the table also.

    Simple execution good result.

    Bill S.


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      Originally posted by jtompilot View Post
      I still haven’t watched that shot
      Me neither, but hopeful it will be somewhere to view.


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        Personal Preference

        After it's all said and done, some of us bank the thin cut to be the shot....others look at other options. In Reality, OVER banking the 2 and playing ALL cue ball to the top rail/starboard site, whitey to the head rail/corner....that's what's really going on for the WIN.
        If your a player than cannot overbank this shot 100% of the time, then other options must be considered.
        Bill Meacham
        no link....


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          Originally posted by Frank Almanza View Post
          This is what I like using a bit of right to direct the cue ball to that area. I would do this even if I didn't have a couple of balls to protect. I remember talking to Tom Wirth about this situation.[ATTACH]23357[/ATTACH]
          Based on the score, based on the table layout, and based on the fact the the ball is not frozen to the rail which allows the space necessary to get a good hit for a controlled spinning cue ball, I am shooting the shot diagrammed in Frank Almanza's post 100% of the time. I would also shoot this shot if it were the last ball on the table.

          Who wrote about the 99 critical shots in pool? Well, someone should write about the 99 critical shots in one pocket. This would be one of them.


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            Originally posted by Jeff sparks View Post
            I’m wondering about this shot... I’m sure a good billiard player would know if it’s on... perhaps Bill S. or Dr. Bill or someone else fluent in 3 cushion play could comment...
            Cross the 7 to the long rail about a diamond short of the side pocket with the intention of 3 railing the 7 to your pocket... the way the shot lays using high English with maybe a tip of right to somewhat flatten the cb out thereby enabling it to pass above the 1 and below the 10 for a cb that will end up in a strong position uptable...might be a stretch with a lot of moving parts, but if it’s on, it would very strong...
            Jeff; here is how the shot can be played here.

            It's a, 'standard 4 cushion' shot in 3 cushion to play safe off the opponents CB! The 7 ball would be my opponents CB in 3C.

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