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    Originally posted by darmoose View Post
    So, here I am three days removed from my excursion to Philly where I suffered at the hands of JT Pilot, a dastardly rogue that takes too much pleasure flying around the country taking advantage of poor local one pocket players. He oughtta be a tennis pro or an toothpaste model or something.

    I haven't been able to sleep, I wake up in cold sweats, and I found that while watching an old favorite movie starring Errol Flynn as a swashbuckling pirate, that I had to turn the movie off. Then suddenly, it dawned on me, why I got beat.

    The guy is just too damn good looking! It is simply too distracting and depressing. I mean just look at that picture on the opening page of our website. There he is, right up front (probably put there by the photographer I'm sure) surrounded by all those mugs, rubbing it in.

    And then, on top of all that, he pretends to be so nice too, ha. It's all just too much. I know if we ever play again, he's gonna have to wear maybe a paper bag or something, that oughtta do it. Beware all who get on his schedule is all i can say, Beware and keep a paper bag handy, that's the ticket.
    OMG, you and 12squared could be twins from different mothers


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      I guess they don't call it the road anymore. It's the airways now.

      Originally posted by jtompilot View Post
      OK John, your booked for Thursday. I land at Midway around 4 and I have to share the car with my copilot so I’ll text or call you after we land and let you know about when I can meet you at Red Shoes.