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10 Commandments of One Pocket

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    Originally posted by chicagomike View Post
    Here are my rules:

    1. Bet as high as you can.
    2. Make sure you give your fans their money's worth.
    3. Always be a gentleman.
    4. Fake it until you make it.
    5. Shoot hard as it intimidates your opponent.
    6. Wear as much swag as possible at all times.
    7. Chalk up before every shot.
    8. Always suggest to your opponent you never really play the game.
    9. Ask for a generous spot.
    10. When you win offer to pay your opponent's table time as it may make him a regular customer.
    I like Mike's rules, too. I like #5, as long as you don't miss.

    Also, #s 3 and 10.


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      Originally posted by NH Steve View Post
      I was going to finish with, if you arent able to see that, then do something simple

      Adjust your game to the way the table is playing

      With the lead, don't put in play more balls than what you need to win

      Practice your break -- it is the most important shot of the game

      Practice spot shots -- with 1, 2, 3, 4 balls on the spot
      Practicing with the line of spotted balls is something many overlook. When you get to the end game and there are several balls lined up, there are vitally important shots that you need to understand. Oh, and protect the cue ball. Lol