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Legends of One Pocket II (Philadelphia style) 1991

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    Originally posted by Tom Wirth View Post

    There was an event at South Philly Billiards held within a year or two either way of this event. That event brings to memory this occurrence.
    I remember Efren and Jimmy Fusco put on an Exhibition on the back table which had very tight pockets. What I remember mostly about that event was one particular game of this exhibition where they got down to one ball on the table. They went back and forth for the better part of a hour, maybe longer, with that single ball coming close but never in. First one pocket than the other. Each clearing the ball with excellent results.

    Many people got bored watching this single ball refuse to fall for one of these two champions, not me. I was fascinated by each player's skill at sending the ball so near to falling. Many times doing so from positions at the time I hadn't thought possible. The clearing of this ball and the control of the cue ball was also done so adeptly that the only response left was a defensive one. I don't recall who won this game. For me it didn't matter. They were both winners in my estimation.

    Needless to say, I learned an incredible late inning One Pocket lesson that day.
    I wonder if anyone on this site was there and has the same memory.

    Wow! Great story Tom. Keep them coming guys!