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    It is difficult for folks to see things with objective and open minds. The result of that is no change, and we see that in the lack of one pocket rule changes.

    Since it is very difficult to view one pocket objectively as a one pocket player (this is why they don't allow police to investigate cases involving their own family), you have got to look at analogies.

    What if the country was run like we run one pocket? At some point a group of women came forward and said they deserved the right to vote. If you do not have open, objective minds, it is very easy to think "we have always done it this way, this is correct, women do not get to vote"... and you stay in the stone ages forever with a close minded attitude like this.

    Instead of thinking about how you have always done things, and how that must be the right way, you need to look at what is actually logical.

    As it turned out, we do have open minds in the country. Thank goodness. Women brought up this issue, and it may have taken time, but at some point enough people realized, "wow, they are right, every individual does deserve the right to vote, how did we think anything differently before"?

    There is also another interesting aspect of this conversation. Correct me if I am wrong but it seems to be the default position that traditionalists who want to keep one pocket exactly the way it is are looked at as purists and this attitude tends to be more respected. So, it is very easy for others to take this position by default. Easy is certainly easy, but it is not always the correct.

    I would argue it is those who put their reputation on the line, put a different opinion out there, who are just as passionate and dedicated to the beauty and essence of the game. Look at it under the above analogy, the women who put their hids in the line protesting for their right to vote are as much or more patriotic americans than anyof them. In here, anyone who brings up any sort of change from the status quo is shunned and it is just wrong, and you can see that when you objectively analize the analogy.
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      el chappo
      trying to link woman suffrage to a change in one pocket rules is a HUGE stretch....jmho
      womans suffrage was wrong.
      there is nothing wrong with the onepocket rules as they are...
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