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Can you decline a foul your opponent calls on himself?

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    Originally posted by LSJohn View Post
    What is there about the current OP .org rules that does not meet this criterion?
    If I am following your intent with the question. I feel the answer is; all rules not clearly or completely defined, and all rules not within our rules, are then governed by WPA general rules, and we do not have control of these rules.

    Example; we play by Ball in Hand behind the Line, but since the rule it is not specific and detailed completely within our rules then it is governed by the WPA Ball in Hand behind the Line rule.

    I do not know of anybody that likes the WPA BIH rule behind the line, so when Steve upgrades our rules I would suspect this rule will go back to the American Standard rule.

    Steve, in the recent past asked members their opinion of an ob jumped off the table being declared 'not' a foul. He received no response at all. And this was the rule for many decades and the rule that all games were played by.

    I think questions like this one, and Ball in hand behind the line, rules that are determined to be significant, or historical, should be answered by a poll, like a poll that was taken when deciding this years MOT location. I feel then there will be a discussion and a response. Whitey


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      Originally posted by Dennis "Whitey" Young View Post
      I feel the answer is; all rules not clearly or completely defined,
      OK, gotcha. By "develops," you just meant to flesh out and clarify a few issues that are missing or unclear. I think Steve is onboard with that idea, just a matter of getting around to it.


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        Well put, Whitey