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Solo Practice vs competition

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    Originally posted by Gettherack View Post
    Very well said I agree 100 percent what good is knowing strategy if you can’t excute you will never win!
    Hi. Gettherack....this is Frank from Lake Worth...sorry I missed you during the Winter....catch up sometime. Welcome to Welcome aboard.


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      Howdy All;

      I can enjoy a practice session, I can take a few ideas with me to work on and
      do it ... for awhile 30 minutes or so and I need to move on to something else.
      What I find works for me is keeping these items close to each other in functionality.
      Some of you may have viewed some of the exchanges between Whitey, lll and
      myself over in the Banks section. I'm attempting to improve my Banks game (even
      thought no one around here has a clue), so I'll maybe work on Cross-Corner for 30
      or 40 minutes then perhaps Cross-Side. Same yet different.
      I've been known to scatter 6 balls on the table to practice seeing a pattern then
      attempt to shoot it off. Now with the Banks I attempt to do it Banking each and
      every shot. Don't make it set it back up and keep at it till I get it. Scratch ...
      scatter 6 more and re-start...

      Someone comes in and asks if I want to shoot a game well the answer is
      sure let me finish this and I'll be right with ya. I do get tired of beatin' up on

      Striving for a less complicated life since 1949 ...