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  • Drawing out!

    I am in a tough scenario. You can stop the video if you want to work on it. I did not make it into a wwyd for it results in a little tricky shot to get out of this trap. This is a shot I taught myself 50 yrs ago to get out of this very situation!
    Click on the video to get sound! Enjoy, Whitey

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    Hi Dennis. Nice shot.
    I show that same shot in my first DVD video. A different scenario but the same shot. I too learned it way back in the '60s.

    Ain't One Pocket fun?!


    "Controlled Aggression"


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      I learned this shot from one of Bob Byrnes books, my game improved in leaps and bounds when he wrote those. Thanks Bob.


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        good shot but too risky for me!

        I probably would have tried to kick 3 rails and take an intentional in between the 2 balls if I could..

        edit, just looked at layout again the 3 railer kick is blocked. Ok I may just say heck with it and wind up on that 1 ball straight back into my 9/5 and hope to get lucky.

        Low right on the CB Im trying to draw down into the 2 and or 13 and get lucky!


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          The 2 ball kicks Jojo into the 3 ball, right? Does the draw have any effect on this shot?
          If it ain't funny, it ain't much.


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            Nice shot !

            Comes in handy in all games especially moneyball games

            I have seen someone has a nice video of how to aim these kickback shots?

            I believe the draw gives whitey a liitle more speed coming back?


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              mastering the double kiss reveals you are at another level
              nice shot whitey


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                For those that was wondering as to why to use a draw stroke, it transfers to follow once it contacts the frozen to the rail object ball. This makes it fire back naturally.
                Whereas, if I was to use above center then once the cb contact the ob it then fights itself as it is coming back, and any slight english obtained will magnify intensely and effect the cb's path!
                I hope you enjoyed the shot, and if you did not know about this shot, now you do! Take care fellow members! Whitey