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    Originally posted by 12squared View Post
    Per the Oficial Rules on - "The Game" "Official One Pocket Rules" "9, Spotting Balls", Chris is correct:

    9.5 In the event of a scratch with the offending player having no balls to spot when all of the balls are located behind the head string, the ball nearest the head string may be spotted at the request of the incoming player. If two or more balls are equally close to the head string, the highest numbered ball would be spotted.

    They should change that to shooter's choice of ball gets spotted. Anyway i have never even seen this come up myself.


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      Relayed it to the rules Just a though

      The break in one pocket is under attack to some rightfully so if you make a ball on the break there's a rerack, OK what about this instead of a re-rack what about changing the location of the rack The same thing happened to Corey in nine ball so let's try this the fifth ball in the reck center ball or the eight ball on the spot! What do you think. It would change the opening break a lot thanks for reading in advance


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        never change rules so that the best player gets the best of it. hurts the game. the best players win all the time already.

        you make a ball on the break keep shooting tough luck for your opponent.
        gives the option to play a more aggressive break. but if you make it a re-rake then a more safe break prevails. which keeps the balls closed and favors the better player.
        rack your own favors the better player who practices his break and knows the perfect rack for it and he gets to set it up.


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          without a referee you cant have all balls foul. leaves it too easy for one to call a foul that didnt happen. ive never seen all ball fouls where there wasnt a ref present. they only did it anyway in 14.1 tournaments with a ref.


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            Originally posted by beatle View Post
            without a referee you cant have all balls foul. ...
            Lots of tournaments run with all balls fouls now and no refs. It seems to be working.
            Bob Jewett