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  • Wwyd gambling here

    150 a game. Your shot. Score is 2-1 you. It was my shot and there were so many choices I was there wondering what you guys would do. Your pocket is the one closest to the cue ball.

    Mitch needs to remember to play the score and that it's better to win than to look like a hero.

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    Bank the 14 into the 9 with high left and spin over behind the balls.


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      If the rails are grabbing bank the 14 into the 1 with heavy inside so the cb can escape to opponents long rail, clean up from there.

      If the rails are not grabbing, shoot the 7 in the side lock up on back side of 3 ball.


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        Originally posted by Hardmix View Post
        If the rails are grabbing bank the 14 into the 1 with heavy inside so the cb can escape to opponents long rail, clean up from there.

        If the rails are not grabbing, shoot the 7 in the side lock up on back side of 3 ball.
        I was just typing that out Ben and saw your post.

        As long as I can get enough inside on it to miss the 2 ball with the CB, that's what I would do no matter what the rails are doing

        Another shot I shoot a lot here is if there is enough room between the 3 and 12 (appears to be), I would bank the 3 back into the 12, both balls go towards my side and I may get a lucky kiss or carom near or in my hole. I use a stun stroke to stun the CB up his long rail to end up near the corner.


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          I would be leery of playing a shot here that leaves the cueball below the footstring. Unless you pocket the one ball you run the risk of either leaving a bank or giving your opponent a look at your hole where he can either clear 14 and 1 away from your hole or soft kick behind these balls and then have you in trouble.I would let the 3 and 12 stay where they are as they may be good blockers later. I am not of fan of uptable safes early in the game but in this case I am banking the 10 and spinning the cue to opponents long rail above the side pocket. (are you listening Mitch ?) I know you banked the 10.


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            Since nothing goes in the opponent's pocket, Ben's shot is a good one. In order to make the 1, a guy probably has to use pretty fair speed on the shot. It looks like the CB can miss the 2 ball, but it would carry uptable pretty far. If the 1 should drop, there are more sitting there to be made.

            A more conservative shot would be to draw the CB off the 12 ball, putting it close to the back of the 8 ball. Played right, the opponent has very little to do but leave you long. The layout favors the shooter, so he wouldn't want to give that up.



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              Depends on how much I am stuck. I am banking the 9 at the 1, either loading up the cue ball inside to miss the 14 or outside if it looks like I can’t get by the 14 with the cue ball.
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                If I bank either the 9 or the 14, I'm not confident that I can navigate all that traffic to get Jojo safely up-table. However, I think I can bank the 12 toward the 1 and bank the 3 across to my side as I go up-table with Jojo. Some will find that too passive, but I like it. Does that make me a nit?
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                  Bank the ten with high right. It's safe and if you make it you can get a bunch. All those other banks can sell out unless you make it. Only the ten is the two way shot we need.


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                    Bank the three ball into the ten ball and drag the cueball up table. Don't be afraid to pop it.


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                      WWYD Here

                      I agree with Jerry. Banking the 3 ball and leaving the cue ball uptable. Hopefully in the jaws or on the head rail.


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                        i would bank the 12 into the 14 and move the 3 to my side with 7 o clock not a draw stroke just rolling the ball thru the 3 and the cueball needs to be up a diamond or so to keep from leaving a good bank on the 2
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                          Unless your pics are Krazy, pic #2 shows that nobody is banking the 14 and clearing the 2 to get to the long rail - and it's not smart to mess with/hope to navigate through heavy traffic when you have a different excellent shot that is 99% risk free......

                          If the cueball were a little further from the 10, and the angle slightly sharper, I would consider banking it...

                          Even though normally you let balls that are tied up in front of your opponent's pocket stay that way, here, that dictum is overruled....that said, I am definitely banking the three ball into the ten ball and draw-dragging the cueball up table as Chris, Jerry, and Howard posted.

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                            It depends on the score. At $150 a game, there’s a $300 swing on every game. I like banking the 14 because the cue ball comes off the eight and heads to a good spot if you make the one or not. Now if I’m down a few games and not in stroke yet, I might shoot straight at the three with a lot of spin to position my cue ball behind the ten. Another shot would be to bank the three towards my hole leaving the cue ball up table. But then again, I wouldn’t be playing Mitch the Beast until I was closer to my old self. He’s learnt too much.
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                              if i can get the 3 ball on the other side of the 3 im banking the ten as BR said. and then proceed to run out on his ass.

                              if not all the other shots just make you a little headway. and probably all fine about the same.


                              if i can get position on any of my balls i shoot the ten and runout.