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    This is awful. I’m a computer idiot. I barely understand email. If it wasn’t for favorites, oh dear. Can you call me and tell how to delete, change the background, etc?
    Coyotes, Eagles, and Deer, oh my!


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      I went to the page where you edit your personal information. The test question What is the Fourth letter of the word ONEPOCKET? One Pocket is two words, there is no such word as onepocket. Thanks for the upgrade. I’m glad we have someone like you.
      Coyotes, Eagles, and Deer, oh my!


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        I found something that may be useful. If you don’t like the dark screen, find where the dialog box says dark, click, go to default. Now how do I put up my uggelee mug?
        Coyotes, Eagles, and Deer, oh my!


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          Originally posted by Skin View Post
          If you guys don't like the dark format, select the menu at the bottom left (red circle in first pic) and choose Default vB5 Style. Looks like the second pic.

          Click image for larger version Name:	Dark.jpg Views:	0 Size:	60.6 KB ID:	428455
          Thanks so much, Skin. I can read again.
          The early bird may get the worm...but the second mouse gets the cheese...Shutin@urholeisOVERATED.


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            OK, is there a way to lock onto seeing the latest posts first, so I don't have to flip the format every time I get on a thread?
            The early bird may get the worm...but the second mouse gets the cheese...Shutin@urholeisOVERATED.


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              I do not see that the caledar is populated, but really I'm testing how to post pictures since there is no longer that CP User tab. So here goes, I'm going click on the camera button on top left and try to upload several different sized pictures...I tried to load a 133kb and got an error. I'll try another...the last one was 56kb and got the same database error. Any one else having any luck w/ pictures? OK, so it looks like if picture were saved previously, they can be uploaded.

              My last test would be inserting the link if I knew how to get to it, sorry. HELP! How do we do a new WWYD without knowing how to add pics?


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                For the people asking about showing the latest posts first:

                You can make this the default by going into your options


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                  I just logged in for the first time from my phone and I must say this is a big improvement. Not so much from my laptop, that will take some getting used to.

                  I'm now going to try to upload a picture from my phone...nope, got the same database er


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                    thanks for your hard work
                    if it’s possible to change the background and letter colors to something more soothing like the blue with black letters for me it would be easier to read the posts.
                    what do other members think?


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                      One last thing I tested, we are now able to reply to posts in the Journals forum. Maybe this feature should be turned off if possible. I thought that was the point of that section

                      Good night.

                      It looks like a picture could be selected using the picture icon from the toolbar under the text modification stuff, not the camera icon at top left. I will try this from my laptop sometime tomorrow.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Couple of Jimmys.jpg
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ID:	428478


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                        wrong log in to post!


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                          LOL, well I had this post typed up, saved it and realized I was logged in as another account!

                          The short version is, dont ever worry about hurting my feelings about design, the site or anything. I am not a designer. However, I do have almost 30 years of web development / computer programming experience and plus I have thick skin, so I love feedback.

                          Steve had been asking me to do this for sometime and my lack of time has prevented me form doing it until this Thanksgiving break. There are tons of reasons to upgrade like features, compatibility, security and more. You would have to go read all the docs to find out more details. but like all software, it gets updated to be better.

                          The dark theme was by no means permanent, just something I selected when setting it up. See its already changed this morning! And like Sheldon pointed out, if you dont like the colors or theme that is currently being displayed, just customize your own to however you like, which is another cool feature of the software!

                          Looking into the picture posting / journals replies, etc... Let us know here if you see anything else so we can try to improve it as we go!

                          Thanks all!


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                            Please tell me the settings for that dark theme. Or make it an option.
                            This Blue and Default hurts my eyes.


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                              Originally posted by oldschool1478 View Post
                              Please tell me the settings for that dark theme. Or make it an option.
                              This Blue and Default hurts my eyes.
                              There ya go man, I enabled all the styles in the control panel so that users can choose any of them anytime they want.

                              You can either change the them at the bottom of the page on the left (dropdown) or in your profile when you go to edit your options.

                              The theme is just called DARK that was up before.

                              There's even one called OLD SCHOOL!

                              Enjoy ~

                              PS - on a side note, if you choose any theme besides the few we have tried (Dark, Cool Blue and Default), its going to show the VBulletin logo instead of until I swap them all out, which I will eventually!


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                                OK, trying to test posting a pic from my laptop using the picture icon button that is located with the bunch of font buttons, NOT the camera button located at top left. Here goes... well, still not working on the laptop, but did work on my phone uploading a pic from the phone.