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  • Bad rolls?????

    What are your thoughts on bad rolls?

    I'm not taking about what your opponent may do or how lucky he may get on any given shot. None of us has any control over what they may do on their shots. I"m talking about what we do on our shots.

    Do you ever feel you got unlucky when you've just shot a great shot but the cue ball rolled maybe one inch too far or not far enough to give you the shape you need to run out on your opponent, and as a result you're now in a dogfight to win the game?

    Well, Was that a bad roll or was it that you just failed to execute the shot as precisely as was needed. Maybe, just maybe you just chose position on a ball that required too much expertise for your current abilities. Who is ultimately responsible for the outcome of any shot we chose to shoot?

    I've thought about this from time to time and I can truly state that I have gotten only one bad roll in my entire career of playing pool when I was the shooter. The ball I was shooting at moved just as I struck the cue ball. It turned over as though it had been balanced on a piece of chalk. The chalk gave way and over the ball turned at just at the wrong moment.

    That was it! The only bad roll I ever got while shooting. Now am I being too harsh on myself? Am I asking too much of myself? I don't think so. Not if I want to excel. The only way to achieve the maximum out of our natural ability is to raise our level of consciousness and strive for ever more precise targets. This takes immense dedication, concentration, and hours upon hours of intense practice.

    The question is; how dedicated are we to the work needed to obtain that goal?

    I"m past my prime and don't have the will or inclination to strive for that degree of precision. At one time I did but not now. That's my excuse, what's yours, if you have one?


    "Controlled Aggression"

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    i dont have any excuses
    i suck and accept that but am working hard to improve...
    today i had a perfect example of your scenario
    i decided to be aggressive and shoot at a tough cut even tho my opponent had a ball hanging in his hole
    if i made it it "seemed" natural to come a cross and make two or more before i made or took out his ball
    i made the ball (woo hoo.... )
    the cue ball stopped where i couldnt see enough of the make able ball and the other ball didnt have a pocket
    and the balls left around the stack blocked me getting easily to make his ball
    i felt i got a bad roll
    but i learned i have to be able to stop the cue ball on a smaller spot....


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      This is a great post Tom. I think in order to improve your game you need to raise your expectations.


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        The rolls - both good and bad - come and go, and every player has his own definition of what a bad roll is. Sarcastic losing players like to say 'Nice roll!' in response to a good shot by an opponent. Aggressive players who shoot hard and move a lot of balls get the most rolls, both good and bad. Tony Chohan, for example.

        I can't get very excited about the rolls. When I get the other problems in my game all ironed out I will start planning how to improve my rolls. I'm probably not talking about next month.
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          the worse player can rarely improve enough to beat a better player playing even. thats what getting spots are for. better players just get a cleaner hit and a more exact result on a shot.


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            The guy playing better gets the best rolls.
            When you play badly your rolls stink !.

            Rodney Stephens.
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              The question becomes; What defines a "bad roll"? My point is; and this is only my definition, is something occurring that was entirely out of my control. An act of God so to speak. Match on the line, game ball, straight in, easy. Just then an earthquake. The roof falls in and it's game over. Now that's a bad roll. Shooting a shot and getting hooked or having the object ball skid off line or any of that stuff is not part of my definition of a "bad roll". Bottom line: Whatever happens on my shot is my responsibility. Thinking otherwise would turn me into a victim and provide me with an excuse to lose. Well that ain't me!

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              "Controlled Aggression"


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                Curious ,Tom,have you ever gotten a good roll?

                Perhaps it seems sarcastic to ask but lets be honest here.


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                  Most of us being the amateurs that we are, get a lot of "bad rolls" -- by your opening post -- but as far as I am concerned I believe they simply come with the territory, being an amateur player. I expect not to be perfect lol. Sometimes I hit a ball near perfectly, but many of my shots do roll that damn extra fraction of an inch, or they come up a fraction short. I do consider those "bad rolls" when I am just a smidge off, entirely ruining the shot. But they sure do come with the territory
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                    Originally posted by unoperro View Post
                    Curious ,Tom,have you ever gotten a good roll?

                    Perhaps it seems sarcastic to ask but lets be honest here.
                    Of course! I have gotten plenty of good rolls and I expect if I continue to play I will get many more, but those instances are accidents. Bad rolls are not accidents! Bad rolls are the result of poor planning or precision play, plain and simple. The goal should be to execute every shot with precision and an understanding of the "what ifs". Am I disappointed in getting lucky? Hell no, but though I may not share that knowledge with my opponent I do inwardly recognize that I didn't execute the shot as planned. This thinking can lead to a more determined set of goals. In other words, a deeper focus on what I hope to achieve on each shot with smaller targets for position. A professional approach is the only way to look at it if your goal is to reach the furthest limit to your abilities. That's not for everyone nor is it for most of us here on but I do believe if we stop deluding ourselves about bad rolls and accept the fact that we need to make a more concerted effort we will improve beyond what we may have thought possible.

                    Yes, most of us are amateurs, but whether an amateur or professional should not change what we should be striving toward, and that is precision in what we do on the table. The more we rely on luck the more luck plays a role in the outcome. It's just a matter of the depth of self criticism we are willing to absorb when defining what just occurred. Would a pro have gotten the cue ball into that tight position we as amateurs failed to do? How much effort are you, and I say "you" meaning all of us, are willing to put into our improvement? If we settle for sloppiness (I use the word loosely) well we can expect more of the same, good and bad.

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                    "Controlled Aggression"


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                      There’s no such thing as a bad roll. I was playing at Ca Billiards, One Pocket. It was close to the break, maybe the second turn and I had a billiard shot to make a ball in my hole, with the cue ball going to the other side of the rack for more shots. I fired it in and the ball was made, the cue ball bounce off a ball and sent the cue ball into another hole for a scratch. Was it bad luck? Yes it was. It was bad luck I didn’t use my brains to think the shot all the way.
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                        I think that Bad Rolls are a state of mind.

                        If you expect them then you will get them.

                        You need to think positive to play pool.

                        I have many times created Something out of Nothing on the table.

                        It is just a state of mind.

                        Bill Stroud


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                          To me it is very similar to “getting sharked”. We may gripe or cry but at heart we should know that it’s our own fault. I could always get up and wait until I am not distracted to pull the trigger. It starts and ends with me. Now I usually get lucky but I do still winge a bit when I get bad rolls even when they are my fault. Heh.
                          Mitch needs to remember to play the score and that it's better to win than to look like a hero.


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                            Bad rolls that come from the equipment, are difficult for most anyone to deal with. The other kind, show ones true character.
                            Bill Meacham
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                              Tom, I've had many bad rolls. There have been times when I took too much cash with me to the pool room and lost it all. There have been times I took too little cash with me and lost out on a good score because I couldn't cover the bet. Lastly, the worst bad roll was in I think 1978 or 9 when I was in Tulsa and playing a bookie the night before the superbowl. I was winning pretty good and we stopped for the night and the next day he got broke with all the action he took on Dallas. If Denver had won that game I might be a rich man today. Thats the worst roll I ever got. lol