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2007 One Pocket Hall of Fame ballot

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  • 2007 One Pocket Hall of Fame ballot

    Here it is folks, time to kick off the voting for this year’s elections for the One Pocket Hall of Fame! Last year three great players were elected into our HOF, Melvin 'Strawberry' Brooks, John 'Rags' Fitzpatrick and Hayden Lingo. To learn more about last year’s inductees, please visit the One Pocket Hall of Fame here on this web site.

    Selection criteria for the One Pocket Hall of Fame:

    1. Great Players who have demonstrated their excellence in tournament competition over time.
    2. After Hours Legends who have demonstrated their excellence and their heart by matching up against the best of their time.
    3. Teachers or Promoters of the game who have had a lasting impact on the growth and popularity of One Pocket.

    These are not separate categories, but rather are the all around qualities that have made every member of our Hall of Fame names that are solidly associated with the game of One Pocket.

    Please note you can vote for more than one candidate, but be sure to select all of the candidates you wish to vote for before you submit your vote. Once you submit your vote it cannot be changed, so be sure to complete your selections carefully before you click on the “Vote Now” button.

    Living Legends of the Game:

    Jack Cooney - The quintessential after hours One Pocket player, Jack made a successful career as the master of the patient, upscale hustle. Considered one of the finest 'movers' ever in the game, even top players had their hands full with the elusive Mr. Cooney.

    Jimmy Fusco
    – Known as The ‘Philadelphia Flash’, Jimmy Fusco has matured into one of the patriarchs of Philadelphia’s legendary One Pocket scene. For years a top tournament player and action veteran, Jimmy is one of the very few living Johnston City winners. Partnered with Grady to promote several of the first Legends of One Pocket tournaments.

    Buddy Hall – After favoring 9-Ball for many years, Buddy has matured into a powerful One Pocket player, racking up wins in multiple One Pocket events against the best the game has to offer. He was inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame in 2000.

    Allen Hopkins – A great all-around player who was also an after-hours heavy weight before he turned his attention to promoting his successful Expo event. Hopkins won Grady Mathews’ first Legends of One Pocket tournament in 1991.

    Billy Incardona - Maybe early in his career he was '9-Ball Billy', but 'Cardone has been a solid One Pocket player and after hours legend for many years. In fact, he’s still mixing it up against a whole new generation today. Of course, as the 'voice of Accustats', he has helped educate thousands of players in the game. Recently Billy has been promoting One Pocket tournaments in his own action-friendly poolroom.

    Eugene ‘Clem’ Metz – One of the top ‘undercover’ One Pocket players ever. All the old time champions respected the toughness of his game. ‘Clem’ is a legend of the road from the old school.

    Jose Parica – The leader of the Philippine invasion, and one of the world’s very top all-around players. The more Jose has resided in the USA, the more he has taken to the game of One Pocket. A seemingly tireless competitor, no one has won more One Pocket events coast-to-coast than Jose Parica.

    Eddie Robin – This two-time national three cushion champion also played One Pocket. Of course he is best known for his two superb books on the game; not just the best books on One Pocket, but two of the finest pool books ever published, period.


    Hubert ‘Daddy Warbucks’ Cokes (deceased) – One of the very early players that spread the game of One Pocket around well before the Johnston City era. He was a super tough guy but loved to take new players under his wing. He introduced One Pocket or sharpened the games of numerous champions along the way.

    Johnny Ervolino (deceased) A two-time Stardust Open One Pocket champion, and for years one of the top players in the legendary action rooms of NYC.

    Marvin Henderson (deceased) – A top all-around player and road warrior, Marvin won the 1968 Stardust One Pocket. Marvin was considered by many to have the most beautiful pool stroke ever seen.

    Earl Heisler (deceased) – An early road player who went on to run a popular New Orleans action room, and by his example brought the game of One Pocket to many players.

    The Jansco Brothers (deceased) – George & Pauli Jansco were the original Johnston City and Stardust promoters – the two most storied pool tournaments of all time, which of course featured One Pocket front and center. For the first time ever, the public was introduced to One Pocket, and the entire action side of pool was portrayed in a positive light. It is hard to imagine a more significant impact on our game.

    Johnny 'Irish' Lineen (deceased) – Legendary early player whose game peaked in the years before Johnston City.

    Cleo Vaughn (deceased) - One of the true southern gentlemen of One Pocket, and one of the biggest money players ever. Once he locked into a game, no one was a more determined marathon competitor!

    Rudolf ‘Fats’ Wanderone (deceased) – ‘NY Fats’ or ‘Minnesota Fats’, the rotund poster boy of Johnston City, was one of the most entertaining poolroom personalities of all time, who was actually a pretty good player in his prime. One Pocket was his favorite game, and his own rulebook was in fact the first book published that featured One Pocket, right on the cover!

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    Please note: You must be a registered member of for at least 30 days to be eligible to vote. Also, voting members may be subject to verification of their ID, to protect the integrity of the voting process.

    Thank you for your understanding!
    Jack Cooney
    Jimmy Fusco
    Buddy Hall
    Allen Hopkins
    Billy Incardona
    Eugene ‘Clem’ Metz
    Jose Parica
    Eddie Robin
    Hubert ‘Daddy Warbucks’ Cokes (deceased)
    Johnny Ervolino (deceased)
    Marvin Henderson (deceased)
    Earl Heisler (deceased)
    The Jansco Brothers (deceased)
    Johnny 'Irish' Lineen (deceased)
    Cleo Vaughn (deceased)
    Rudolf ‘Fats’ Wanderone (deceased)

    The poll is expired.

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    Thank you all for voting. With the Bank Pool ballot still open until tomorrow AM, the official announcement of all inductees will be made tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.