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Official 2007 One Pocket HOF comments thread

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  • Official 2007 One Pocket HOF comments thread

    Please post your comments on this year's HOF voting, and promote your favorite players here!

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    This is yet again, a fantastic group of candidates, every one of which would look good in our One Pocket HOF!

    The living legends offer particularly tough choices... I have to admit I lean toward Fusco and Incardona, for what they have given back to the game, besides being great players.

    Among the deceased, for what they did for One Pocket, I am very partial towards the Jansco Brothers.
    "One Pocket, it's an epidemic and there ain't no cure."
    -- Strawberry Brooks


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      I am new at this forum, but her are my votes in no particular order.
      Living legends:

      1.Jack Cooney.
      2.Buddy Hall.
      3.Billy Incardona
      4.Eugene ‘Clem’ Metz


      1.Hubert Cokes

      WCH....It's something to be....
      Working Class Hero...It's something to be....


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        It felt good to vote for some of these great players. I wish CNN and other news networks covered our election like they cover political elections. Just imagine, Wolf Blitzer saying that "CNN is projecting so and so to be the winner of the bank pool ballot. The one pocket ballot is still too close to call. Stay tuned for more coverage."

        Thanks Steve for letting us vote here.
        Jesus said- I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.


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          I'm glad to see Eddie Robins made the list !!
          His books are by far the best out there !!


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            Hof Vote

            Dear Steve,
            A lot of good 1 pocket players come in mind but i'd like to see ...
            Jack Cooney and above all ..Cecil Tugwell.See you in D.C.C. LES


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              relocated from ballot thread...
              Originally posted by playboy
              What? No Tugwell?..OMG,Cecil played better one pocket in his prime than 90% of the guys on the list.I know for a fact that Buddy Hall did'nt want any part of Cecil,nor did Fusco.

              C'mon now..I know Cecil had issues,but this is about great players,not lifestyles..