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    Does anyone really know how good this guy plays. I've seen him play several times and he has a monster of a stroke. He controls the cue ball like he has it tied to a string. When Efren was in Vegas for the BCA I was told Freddy asked Efren for a spot of 8-7 and Efren said no way I remember you. Who is this guy. A friend of mine seen him get out from here. Freddy needed 6 the other guy needed 1. I thought this was pretty good. What do you think?


    He Banked in the one then two railed the 2 through the six to win the game.

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    The Boggs Brothers-Virginia's Little Secret!

    I know Freddie Boggs pretty well, to include his younger brother, Scotty, who lives in Florida now. Both of them are strong players: Freddie, one pocket; Scotty, 9-ball.

    Freddie's one-pocket game is very strong, and he's been around the pool circuit for a long time and seen it all. That spot of Efren and him, 8 to 7, though, seems a little off. Efren gives Keith 10 to 7 in one-hole, and I don't think Freddie would play Keith even (IMO).

    At Valley Forge a few years ago, the action table on the bottom floor was surounded by a huge crowd, consisting of Santos, Jose Parica, the late Larry Lisciotti, Keith, and a whole slew of road agents and league players. It was standing room only, and the action at a large jellybean a pop went fast and furious. Anyone could challenge the table, and at times, the player list exceeded 30.

    At one point, Santos was running out on Jose Parica and a railbird yells out, "I've got 2 Big Ones that says he doesn't run out," which immediately got several takers. Santos and Jose stopped playing until the bets were in order, Santos leaning on the table with a Mona Lisa grin and Jose chuckling to himself. This challenge table was the nuts!

    Santos won, and up walks the next guy on the list, a nice-looking, white-haired gentleman, who wasn't very well known. Everybody wanted Santos the breaker, but I stood up and seized the opportunity to bet on the "home team." I got up out of my chair and barked at the crowd, "I'll take the white-haired guy for 50." "You got a bet, lady," said one guy with his pockets stuffed with recent winnings. I had to cut the bets off after three takers because I was a little timid in them days.

    Well, Freddie got a shot, ran out, and held the table for five consecutive games. When the fifth game began, nobody wanted to bet against my white-haired breaker, but that was fine by me. I collected a few jellybeans! After his winning streak, I called him over and we celebrated. He was having a blast!

    He moved to Las Vegas last year. Heard he was playing some at the time of the BCA Open, but didn't hear any results. I wish him well out there.

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