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    I wish you were here Bill. You'd love it. Mark Tadd looks so good. He plays without any pressure like he's practicing. He's destined to end up high in points. Just saw him beat Ernesto in banks. He will end up in the top ten. One of the great things about being here is getting to talk to these great players one on one. Mark sat down yesterday and just started chatting. He is living in Utah near his family and just practiced 6 days before coming. Of course most of you know he has been out of the game for a long time. He practiced just a couple of days before coming to Reno and took third. He is just enjoying himself and having fun. Has stayed away from gamnling as he personally is not into that these days. A very nice young man.
    Well Bustamante played Jason Miller and beat him on the TV table. Then Busty went to play Larry Nevel banks as they are both undefeated with only 22 left.
    On the One Pocket Challenge Allen hopkins ran 38 so he is number 2 to John Schmidt's 45.
    Feijen's 130 run in straight pool still holding up.


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      Mark Tadd
      "One Pocket, it's an epidemic and there ain't no cure."
      -- Strawberry Brooks


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        Since when I get back I usually buy all the accustats Derby product so today I just went to see more obscure players. Players that one hardly gets to see but hears about. So while Buddy Hall played Shane VB one pocket on the AccuStats tv table I decided to watch Charlie Williams play an old road war horse named Monster John. I never heard of this guy but every body told me to catch this guy. Well the two styles were totally different. Charlie with the technique and John with the tricks. Man this guy can play. He beat Charlie 3 to 1. If anyone knows anything about this guy let me know. Im sorry I dont know his last name but every one was calling him that.
        Then went to see Mark Tadd play Bob Keller a really solid one pocket player. THey were locked up in a hill game but had to get some rest so I left them there.
        Saw the mighty Efren play Bill Henrickson. Efren is in top form. Just amazing the railbirds and confusing his opponents. 3/0
        Then saw Ernesto D win his match against Troy J. 3/1 Ernesto.
        And watch THorsten Homann play Jason Miller. These Euros that are getting into one hole are dangerous. They are all ball running machines. Soquet, Feijen, Hohmann, Mika, etc, Once they get the hang of the game they are going to be dangerous.
        Allen Hopkins ran 15 twice in the One Pocket ghost and is now in third place to John Schmidt at 38. Alex P is second at 40.


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          Well saw a rare thing today. Efren played Alex on the tv table. When this comes out on AccuStats get it immediately. If you dont want to know the out come stop reading now.

          Efren was always leading throughout the match. At one time Efren was leading 2 games to 1. Then Alex really struggled with the 4th game. Efren led him 4 to minus 1 and he made an un Efren like mistake and opened the door. Alex ran 3 after getting a ball to get even. Then after a long period of bunting balls Efren got to 6 and Alex had 4. Alex got to 6 and finally with some excellent play got even. In the hill game Alex made a big mistake firing at his hole where on a thin slice he missed the whole ball. Leaving Efren the whole table and everyone was sure Efren would run 8 and out but Efren ran 6 and failed to get shape in another Efren like mistake. More bunting and Efren banked a ball in. Leaving ALex needing them all. Alex taking a great chance made a real thin cut back bank to his hole and made it and was left with a difficult out. But with the heart of a lion ran a beautiful amazing 7 balls to beat the Magician. In the last four times Efren was here he has been only beaten I think by SHawn Putnam and Billy Palmer. What was great was I was sitting in front of Shannon and he was commentating the whole match to his wife and friends. Saying how he would shoot the shot. And how he had Efren on the hill and how Efren ran eight and out on him. Efren looked a little shaky. For Efren that is but you got to give it to Alex. THe guy never gives up! He has so much drive and determination. I hope he ends up playing Scott Frost or Cliff. I wouldnt know who to bet on.
          Cliff and Bucktooth were woofing it up today in the lobby. I quote.
          "You got a lot of money, but you dont have any gamble"

          "Well I'll bet anything you want, what do you give me"

          "I'll give you 10 to 6"

          "Dont embarrass yourself"

          I'll leave it up to you to figure out who said what.


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            Today they got closer to the one pocket finals with about 16 players left. The Europeans are catching on to this game and are playing it very scientifically. Not taking any risks and shooting the percentage shots. Consequently their games tend to last long and drawn out. Ralf Soquet thoroughly frustrated Shannon the Cannon. The first game took over an hour. He wore Shannon down and beat him 3 games to 1. Brit 8 ball champ Darren Appleton met up with Niels Feijen and they turned their game to a four hour chess game. Feijen got to 2 to 0 but Appleton a great shotmaker got to the hill. Finally Feijen put in the final ball. Met Karl Boyes who if you recall lost in the semi finals to Roberto Gomez in the WPC in Manila. A very nice guy who was feeling under the weather and wasnt playing but supporting all the Brits in the tourney.
            Efren the Great proved his magnificence in the table as he put the hurt on Alan Hopkins leading 2 to 0 Efren found himself in the 3rd game behind 7 to 0. Hopkins needing 1 ball Efren went all out and made a difficult long bank and ran 7 failing to get position on the case ball. If you thought that Alex's 8 and out on Efren was tough this one was even tougher. With a couple of balls on Hopkins side near the rail. Efren deftly manuevered all the balls into position pushing them out from the rail as he made balls. He got Allen to play for one ball and who better than Efrento be in this position. He got Allan to scratch and Efren shot the spot shot to make the win.
            Scott Frost and Gabe Owen got into a slugfest and Gabe got the rolls to edge out the Freezer. Shane VB and Alex was tied up at 2 to 2.
            One the gambling side Grady was playing a young gun 20 to 10!!!! a race to 5 for 3K. Grady was up 3 games when I left and I think he won. He was playing warrior Justin C. Tony C played Justin till 7 AM this morning in a race to 6 giving 9/8 and the breaks but they had to call it off till tomorrow since they had to clean up the tournament room.


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              Originally posted by yobagua
              One the gambling side Grady was playing a young gun 20 to 10!!!! a race to 5 for 3K. Grady was up 3 games when I left and I think he won. He was playing warrior Justin C.
              I was watching on the Ustream live feed. Grady got to 3-0, and they were in the 4th game of a race to 5, when Action Report decided to switch to two numb nuts playing 9-ball on a bar box! Arrrggh... I'll never know how they decided to play 20-10. I don't believe there is any way Justin could ever get there at that spot. Grady moves too well for that.

              Thanks for keeping up the reports, Yo!



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                No joy in Mudville tonite

                Well its come to an end. The Mighty Efren has fallen. It was a sad sight to see. Gabe Owens who has been playing perfect pool, he ran 60 on the ghost ball, totally dominated Efren beating him 3 to 1. The First game Efren ran a beautiful 8 and out but in the second game Efren made an UnEfren like error scratching a simple shot to his hole. It looked like Efren would breeze to a win as he got the first shot to his hole but made the irreversible error as Gabe took ball in hand and punished Efren by running out. The third game Efren looked like a sure winner as he needed one as Owens scratched in the side needing 5. With no shot to his hole Efren did something unexplainable. Instead of playing a simple safe he broke up the balls on the spot leaving Gabe with a straight shot to his hole. With all 5 balls in the open. Gabe effortlessly ran out. Efren looked like he was in mental disarray. Gone was the Efren of old. His athritis looked like it was taking its toll as he kept pulling on his shoulder. The next game Gabe just played great and Efren made many mental errors. Maybe he felt relieved he didnt have to face the pressures of peoples expectations. He has to have a long talk with himself and come back in nine ball. But I think the Master of the Table award goes to someone else this year.

                Maybe it will be Francisco Bustamante who I hope gets it as he expertly dispatched Alex P to termination. Francisco won 3 to 1 as he played expert safeties and ran out when he had the chance. Alex looked tired as he has been playing nite and day. Busty who heads up to his room as soon as his matches are over looked rested and sharp. He ended up high in the banks so he must be a strong candidate for the top Master of the Table award.

                Larry Nevel is also another candidate as he ended up the highest amongst the 3 in banks. He beat Tony Mougey handily. He really could use it as I hear he just had a new addition to his family.

                The semi's and final are tonite with Gabe Owens undefeated and therefore has one buy back left while Nevel and Busty dont.


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                  I beat ronnie in round 2 and that will be my claim to fame. I played good and ronnie missed a few balls. It was my first derby. Mark it down folks, I might not play stronger...........but steve did beat me out of $10.

                  Originally posted by yobagua
                  Am at the matches now. Shane VB in his first bank match today took off his opponent in 3 to 0. THis kid can bank too? I cant wait to see him play one hole. Already he and Ronnie Wiseman were woofing. Ronnie will play him even if he gets 2 to 1 on the money. $400 to $200. No deal says SVB.
                  Mark Jarvis, Chicago banker, just took off some guy in about 20 minutes. My eye is on Louis De Marco. He played Shannon Murphy last nite getting the 7 in nine ball and he was hitting em good.
                  Archer was tightened up when his opponent a tall guy got 2 to 2 on him. Archers strong suit is not banks. Ronnie Wiseman won his match. Is there any tougher opponent than Ronnie. He grinds you down.
                  Jamie Farrel (?) New Orleams boy lost his first match and Mark Tadd and Rafael Martinez are here playing their matches upstairs.
                  Shannon is here with his lovely wife.
                  Oh the food still sucks at the hotel
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                    Originally posted by yobagua

                    The semi's and final are tonite with Gabe Owens undefeated and therefore has one buy back left while Nevel and Busty dont.
                    That sure was sad to see Efren play so bad. No disrespect for Gabe, who has been playing real well, but Efren really was uncharacteristically generous today.

                    Then with three left in the tourney, Gabe drew the by -- plus he is the only one with a buy back! So he sits comfortably waiting to see who has to beat him twice in the finals
                    "One Pocket, it's an epidemic and there ain't no cure."
                    -- Strawberry Brooks


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                      Thats it! No more! I cant take it! Tonite Bustamante dogged his brains out. He was tight as Ive never seen him before. After that terrible display by Efren I thought Busty was going to redeem the Filipino contingent. He missed 2 ball in hand shots into his pocket. Right into the rail. Nevel beat him 3 to 0. Terrible. Thats what they get for not coming out at night and getting into some light action. None of them. He was so tight I thought I was watching some rookie. THats it. The finals are between Nevel and Gabe Owens. I have no interest in that in the sense that I just cant take the quality of play thats been going on. I came here from LA and stayed 10 days and just was disappointed. I know thats my problem but I am a one pocket fan. What I saw was not any different than I see in any pool hall in LA. I didnt need to come all this way and spend all this money. Sorry. I'll stay in my room playing internet poker from now on.


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                        Congratulations, Gabe

                        Gabe won a grueling final. Nevel never quit, but he made just enough mistakes that Gabe could capitalize on to win it in one 3 hour set. It could have been two sets if Nevel had won the first one, because Gabe still had a buy back left, so I guess we were spared that. It wore me out
                        "One Pocket, it's an epidemic and there ain't no cure."
                        -- Strawberry Brooks


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                          Tonite during the one pocket finals Efren finally slipped out of his room to play some guy one pocket for like 50 a game giving up a spot as he usually does. This is too little too late. This is what he should have been doing like he did the past year. Just to loosen up his stroke and keep his mind on his game. Why now Efren? When Efren gambles with Gabe he gives Gabe 9 to 7. In 2005 Efren continuously kept his game sharp by playing Gabe, Tang Hoa, Corey, and a bunch of others at nite in short races. This time he did nothing of that. Not one Filipino came out at nite to gamble. Not even Parica or Sambajon. Who are known action guys. While the other players if they were not in a ring game were challenging the straight pool or one pocket ghost. Of course Alex might have been the only exception.


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                            Originally posted by yobagua
                            ....I decided to watch Charlie Williams play an old road war horse named Monster John. I never heard of this guy but every body told me to catch this guy..
                            Monster John's real name is John Rouse. I heard he was from Florida. I watched him beat Ronnie Weisman who was getting coached by Tony Chohan. Monster kept calling them dummies. They seemed a little scared to sass him back.


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                              Was monster john the black guy with corn rows that looks really mean and usually wore brown? I talked to him him once or twice and hes preatty cool. I can see why they didnt sass him back if its the same person.
                              Anyone in the Central illinois want a game in PM sometime. Im just learning the game so be gentle.


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                                Yeah thats him. I talked to him in the coffee shop and he was cool.