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  • Howard Vickery

    Does anyone have any idea where Howard Vickery has been? I have not heard anything on him since the IPT. He has zero earnings listed for the 2007 tournaments and to be honest, I can't remember him playing in any either. He's not at the Derby City this year either, at least not as a player. He used to live in Columbus and then supposedly moved to Florida.
    Has anyone seen him or know where he is living nowadays? Has anyone seen him even shooting this past year? He was always one of my top 10 favorite players and he seems to have just disappeared.
    Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
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    I agree with you that Vickery is an interesting guy. They'd probably know about him at Cornfed Red's in Columbus. Post the question on AZ. If he's moved to Florida, somebody will be aware of his locale.