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  • Dcc 2008

    Just wanted to say that it was great being at the DCC again - the highlight of the pool year for a one pocket player - I wish we didn't have to wait a year till the next one....

    .....I had a great time, and a lot of laughs, playing one pocket with, and/or hanging out with, members > yobagua, demonrho, sperls, 'Shallow Water Don', Steve Booth, the Milkman, KindlyOleUncleDave, suki, JohnInNH, dmyroncox ,and a few others that I don't know their screen names.....And I missed seeing some of my one pocket buddies who couldn't make it this year > John C. from DC, David K. from New Mexico, GulfportDoc, JD Dolan, and 'Pallone' from Chicago.

    - Ghost

    ps, Sure enough, I got my usual draw from hell - two stone-cold champions in my first three rounds, and the Ghost was out.
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    jrhendy: Ghost does come up with shots that others don't see.

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    Luck of the draw

    Isn't that the way it goes ? When you just want to have a good time and win a few matches you find you draw Joyner in one pocket and SVB in 9 Ball.
    They usually draw Willy Weedwhaker from Podunk Ark. Where's the fairness?


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      You did deserve better Ghost. That D Appleton was a damn champion. In 14.1, one pocket, 9 ball. Man once these Euro's get into one pocket they will threaten everyone. They are so technical oriented. Feijen, Appleton, and Soquet are going to be hard to beat. Lets hope the Taiwanese dont get into it.
      It was great paling around with you and the lovely Riva.