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    Since Ghost and others started calling on the lurkers to post, I am emboldened and will attempt to share a banking drill I came up with. It's pretty fun and can keep you well entertained/frustrated while you're practicing.

    Of course this is better for the intermediate level players out there, the top players would probably kill it .

    You start with three balls racked on the spot and break them as you wish (spot any pocketed balls). You can just throw three balls and the cue-ball out there too.

    The challenge is to bank the three balls successively. The catch is you will owe balls for missed shots.

    1 ball owed for missed short banks at least up to 4 diamonds wide (e.g. cross corner with object ball on 2nd diamond). You can extend this to "wider" banks according to your skill level.

    1/2 ball owed for missed long banks and wide short banks

    1/4 ball owed for missed multiple rail banks

    I spot the balls on these spots while trying not to freeze balls to keep it easy:

    The foot-spot (if it's open)
    The head-spot
    halfway between the foot-spot and the end-rail
    halfway between the foot-spot and the center of the table
    halfway between the head-spot and the head-rail (?)
    halfway between the head-spot and the center of the table

    and so on. If you are out of space to spot balls , improvise.

    There are two amendments:
    1. You can call "no shot" to knock out balls in the jaws. Don't abuse it!
    2. If things are going tough, you can forgive the penalty on shots that Jaw or hit the Point.

    Thats all! Sometimes it's 3 and out, and sometimes all of a sudden you notice all 15 balls are on the table! It's frustrating to put up a whole ball when you miss an easy short bank, it'll make you stop missing those. And the satisfaction you get from putting a good run together after 7 or 8 balls are on the table makes up for it.

    Let me know what you think.


    BTW, Freddy, it's you and your book that got me into banking and I really enjoy it.